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What can a Diabetic eat?

What can a diabetic eat? A diabetic can eat few balanced meals a day at regular intervals. It is also important that a diabetic person’s meals are low in sugar, salt, fat and calories. A diabetic should also watch the portion sizes of all meals and eat smaller portions every few hours rather than eating large meals less frequently. Fresh salad, fruits, nuts are great foods diabetics can eat.


Can a diabetic eat nuts?

Why eating nuts is good for diabetics? Nuts make a very handy and nutritious snack for a diabetic. A diabetic can get a range of nutrients by eating nuts. Some nutrients available in nuts...

Can a diabetic eat honey? 0

Can a diabetic eat honey?

As a diabetic, you may looking for ways to avoid sugar in your diet. You would be eager to substitute sugar with anything more healthier. Honey is a popular substitute for sugar in many...


Can a diabetic eat grapes?

Grapes are one of the most easily available fruits and many people find grapes very tasty. If you are a diabetic and you like grapes, you might have thought ‘Can a diabetic eat grapes?’....


Can a diabetic eat cheese?

Does cheese cause rise in blood sugar levels? Many varieties of cheese are generally low in glycemic index. Being a food with low GI, cheese releases glucose into blood relatively slowly. A slow release...


Pre Diabetic Symptoms in Women

What are pre diabetic symptoms in women? Pre diabetic symptoms in women are the signs that a woman’s body begins to show to warn you of pre diabetes or diabetes. As the name suggests pre diabetic symptoms occur...