Diabetes early symptoms you need to watch out for and change your diet

Diabetes early Symptoms are very helpful to diagnose diabetes early. You can deal with diabetes better if you understand Diabetes early Symptoms.

When you see any signs of being diabetic, you need to see a doctor who may advise you to change your diet or lifestyle. If your doctor tests you for diabetes and diagnoses you as diabetic, sometimes you may need medicines for diabetes.

You can always check your blood sugar levels at home if you think you are showing any diabetes early symptoms.

Diabetes early Symptoms

If you understand early signs of diabetes you will find it easier to deal with diabetes complications and better protect yourself. It is important that you discuss with your doctor as soon as you see Diabetes early Symptoms.

Your doctor can examine your case by studying your life style. He may also perform some blood tests or urine tests on you. Based on your family history, life style and results of blood tests and urine tests the doctors can decide if you are diabetic.

All this is possible only if you mention your ‘Diabetes early Symptoms’ to your doctor.

Some common diabetes early symptoms, you need to watch out for include:

Excessive Thirst

You may feel excessively thirsty and a dry mouth for no reason if you are diabetic.

Excessive urination is also one of the symptoms of diabetes.


If you have diabetes, you may feel very weak, tired and dis-interested all the time.

You may find it difficult to understand why you feel so. Weakness that cannot be explained is one of the common Diabetes Symptoms.

Injuries that do not heal

In case you have small injury and bleed, you may find it takes longer than usual to heal the injury.

Sores that do not heal easily or injuries that bleed longer are common diabetes symptoms. These cannot be ignored.

Unexplained Headache

You may feel unexplained headaches. This may impact you routine activities as you feel tired, painful and cannot focus.

If you can ask your doctor How diabetes is caused and take some precautions it helps you prevent any serious damage to your body.

Urinary Infections

You may notice frequent urinary tract infections or yeast infections. These may be quite confusing.

Unless you think of diabetes, you may find it hard to understand why you are having these infections. They do not heal so easily.

You may ask your doctor What causes Diabetes and take proper care to stay clear of such causes.


You may have a thrush or itching in the genital area. This may be very embarrassing as you may feel itchy while you are in public places too.

Understanding How is Diabetes caused is the first step in preventing further damages due to diabetes.

Poor Vision

You may start to notice changes in your vision.

Sometimes You may notice that items in front of you begin to appear blurry. You may not be able to see things clearly.

This may be very uncomfortable for you as you suddenly feel much difficult to lead a smooth routine life.

Unexplained Weight changes

You may notice a sudden loss of weight or sudden weight gain.

If you are unable to see any reason why you are losing or gaining weight, think of diabetes.

You may ask your doctor to give you a diabetes test. Understanding What causes Diabetes is a good place to start in diabetes care.

When you see any of the above diabetes early symptoms, it is important that you take them seriously and see a good doctor to discuss the same.

Signs of being Diabetic

Signs of being Diabetic

Signs of being Diabetic are very important to pay attention to and seek medical advice early. Diabetes is such a condition, the sooner the diagnosis, the better you can manage. Early diagnosis of diabetes based on signs of being diabetic, will make it easier to manage diabetes.

If you suspect you are a diabetic, you can always check your blood sugar levels. You may need diabetes test strips, lancets etc. to test your blood sugar levels.

Also if you notice signs of being diabetic and report to doctors, they would find it easier to prevent damage to other parts of the body like eye, brain, kidneys, liver and heart etc.

For this reason it is important not to ignore early ‘signs of being diabetic’. You must be aware of diabetes risk factors and see if you fit into any risk criteria of diabetes. If you are at risk of being a diabetic, you can cut the risk with regular exercise and by eating diabetes friendly diet.

Diabetes early symptoms may not be same in all persons. Diabetes symptoms women show may be different than men.

But it is possible to generalise the diabetes early symptoms so that you can take a step towards a formal diagnosis of the condition.

Examples of Signs of being Diabetic

The common signs of diabetes include

  • high blood sugar levels
  • slow healing sores or cuts
  • feeling excessively thirsty
  • excessive urination
  • Some people feel dry mouth and increased hunger.
  • unexplained weight loss or gain, some people may see an unexplained weight loss while some can see a weight gain for no reason.
  • Frequent urine infections and frequent yeast infections are also common diabetes signs.
  • fatigue, most people with diabetes also feel weak and tired most of the time.  
  • blurred vision, some people feel itchy on the skin while some feel frequent headaches and blurred vision.
  • Some diabetics find that their skin shows velvety dark color in some parts. This see this especially in private parts like groins, armpit or neck.
  • If you are feeling numbness or tingling of the hands and feet, that is one of the signs of being diabetic.
  • In extreme cases people also feel impotence and erectile dysfunction

You may find it very helpful if you can prevent diabetes by understanding How is Diabetes caused.

Speak to your Doctor

When you see any of the signs of being diabetic in you, it is very important to take a step to investigate. The best thing to do is to talk to your doctor about your diabetic signs. Your doctor is the right person to diagnose further and advise you on your condition.

Understanding What causes Diabetes is also important to protect yourself from diabetes. A doctor can help you to understand diabetes causes.

You may find it helpful to ask your doctor what can a diabetic eat and make changes to your diet accordingly.

Diabetes in Children

If you have children, it is important that you look for diabetes in children symptoms. This helps you to investigate and find out if they are diabetic.

Diabetes in children symptoms can be more difficult to identify than in adults. You can use a diabetes symptom checker for children to understand the same.

Signs of diabetes in toddlers generally go unnoticed. This may sometimes put the health of the toddler at risk. To avoid such risk, you must take immediate action if you see any signs of diabetes in toddlers.

Diabetes symptoms in Women

Sometimes the diabetes symptoms women show may be little different than those men show. Some diabetes symptoms women experience are specific to women.

You may want to use a diabetes symptom checker for women to check if you have any such symptoms. You can also find out What causes Diabetes in women and try to be careful with known causes of diabetes.

Does lack of Insulin cause diabetes?

It is interesting to know How is Diabetes caused?. You get Diabetes when your pancreas fails to produce enough insulin to maintain healthy sugar levels in your blood.

Sometimes pancreas produces insulin but your body cannot use such insulin. When this happens you may get diabetes.

Summary | Signs of being Diabetic

As discussed above, the signs of being diabetic are very important and one cannot ignore these. Signs of being diabetic can depend on age, gender and ethnic background in some cases.

Whatever signs of being diabetic appear as warnings, one must take them seriously and report to a doctor. If you take your signs of being diabetic seriously and get the medical advice in time, you can protect your health.


How to get tested for Diabetes?

How to get tested for Diabetes is something everyone at risk of diabetes must be aware of.

If you are at risk of being a diabetic, you need to get tested for diabetes when you feel your blood sugar is high. When you notice any signs of being diabetic, you need to consult a doctor to get tested for diabetes.

When you have some symptoms and signs of diabetes it is important to check your blood sugar levels. You may find diabetes testing kit helpful to check your blood sugar levels at home.

You must know as soon as possible if you are diabetic so that you can protect yourself from further damage to health. If you delay in diabetes diagnosis, your vital organs may be in trouble. So when you see any signs of diabetes you must speak to a doctor.

Common diabetes symptoms include

  • high blood sugar levels
  • excess thirst
  • too much urine
  • unusual hunger
  • weight loss or weight gain for no reason etc.

When you notice any signs being diabetic, you need to get help on how to get tested for diabetes. The first step would be to ask your doctor to test you for diabetes.

You must also try to understand what causes diabetes. Diabetes is easy to manage if you understand what causes diabetes. If you are at risk of diabetes, you need to eat diabetic friendly diet to prevent high blood sugar.

There are many reasons for diabetes, The top reasons are

  • being over weight
  • family history
  • lack of exercise

How to get tested for diabetes?

To get tested for diabetes, you need to go for a diabetes consultation. Many developed countries have a discrete and easy procedure for diabetes tests. With advance in technology, diabetes tests have become quick and easy.

Common procedure of diabetes test includes a study of family history, life style, blood test and  urine test. Some doctors recommend a glucose tolerance test too.

What happens at a diabetes consultation?

If you want diabetes diagnosis, you may seek an appointment with your doctor or a pharmacist. They can explain to you how to get tested for diabetes and help you with  diabetes diagnosis.

When you arrive for your diabetes test, you normally see a medical professional in a private consultation.

They will collect detail about you including your age, height, weight and waist etc. Your doctor will ask you a few questions about your daily routine and your diet.

This helps them get an idea about your life style.

They may also take a reading of your blood pressure. Your doctor will want to know if you ever had a high blood sugar level or if any of your close relative has diabetes. These factors determine your risk level for diabetes.

Once they determine your risk level for diabetes, you may seek a doctor’s advice for reducing your risk level.

If they want to test your blood, they will collect a blood sample by pricking your finger. They measure your blood sugar level at that time.

Based on the results from these, they will decide if you need further tests to determine if you are diabetic.

What tests to do for diabetes?

Generally the next level of test includes a fasting blood glucose test, and additional blood sugar measurements. A high blood sugar means you may be a diabetic.

Sometimes doctors recommend a urine test and a  HBA1C test also. Glucose tolerance test is another common test to diagnose diabetes.

A glucose tolerance test measures how well your body can breakdown sugar and deal with it.

You can also try and understand how you get diabetes so that you can protect yourself from diabetes complications. Most importantly, you must clearly understand how to get tested for diabetes.

This will help you in many ways. Once you know this, you can go ahead with your diabetes tests.

If you need more information on diabetes tests, you may see your doctor. Doctor can help with the suitable diabetes tests.

Have I got Diabetes?

Have I got Diabetes?

Have I got Diabetes? How is Diabetes caused? Is that the question that bothers you? Well you are very clever to ask yourself if you have got diabetes.

Many people do not realise they have got diabetes until their diabetes has seriously impacted their vital parts. If you know how diabetes is caused, you can save yourself from failure of vital organs.

It is a good thing that you ask yourself have I got diabetes so you can get yourself tested for diabetes and have peace of mind. For most people who wonder ‘have I got diabetes’, diabetes tests start with checking blood sugar levels. You may find diabetes test strips, lancets etc. useful to test your blood sugar levels at home.

The best person that can clarify if you got diabetes is your doctor. Doctors listen to all your symptoms and concerns, they then do some tests on you and decide whether you are a diabetic or not. For this to happen, you must see a doctor as soon as you notice any diabetes symptoms.

However before you see a doctor and ask have I got diabetes, you can check if you have a signs of being diabetic using a diabetes symptom checker.

Signs of being Diabetic

Common signs of being diabetic are having High Blood Sugar, excessive thirst and passing urine too often.

One of the most common Diabetes Symptoms is that you may be feeling weak and tired all the time. Some people experience blurred vision and headaches. Some see unexplained changes in body weight. You may gain weight or lose weight for no reason.

It is very wise to question yourself if you have diabetes when you see any signs of diabetes in you.

Some of these signs may be due to totally different reasons than diabetes but it is always good to get yourself checked.

Diagnosis of Diabetes

When you see doctors and ask have I got diabetes, they would normally check if you have High Blood Sugar and any other diabetic symptoms.

Then they may check your family history and assess your risk of being a diabetic.

If your parents or siblings have diabetes then it is likely that you get diabetes too. In some cases even if your other close relatives are diabetic, you may get it too.

This however does not mean diabetes is contagious. Researches suggest Diabetes is hereditary and is in the genes.

Once the doctor understands your history they may ask you to take some urine tests and blood tests for diabetes.

From your Diabetes Symptoms and your tests, a doctor can diagnose and tell you if you are a diabetic. Doctors know How is Diabetes caused.

When you see any diabetes symptoms you must ask yourself a question – have i got diabetes? Asking yourself the question have I got diabetes is the first step in protecting yourself from diabetes complications. You can then check your symptoms and see a doctor for a diagnosis.

What do I do if I have diabetes?

In case your doctor confirms you are a diabetic, you need to start diabetes management straight away. Diabetes management involves regular exercise and eating diabetic diet.

Diabetes is a progressive disease but as long as you maintain your blood sugar levels good you can protect yourself. With diabetes, you need to see your doctors regularly so that they monitor your overall health closely. You may need to change your lifestyle eating habits to control blood sugar levels. Your doctor may also prescribe you medicines for long term.

How can Diabetes Symptoms in Women over 50 help with diagnosis?

Diabetes Symptoms in Women over 50 are very helpful in  early diabetes diagnosis. Early diagnosis of diabetes can prevent diabetes complications and damage to vital organs. A lot more good to diabetic women over 50 is possible with the help of  early signs of being diabetic.

What are Diabetes Symptoms in Women over 50?

Diabetes symptoms in women over 50 include

  • excessive thirst
  • passing urine too often
  • vaginal thrush
  • yeast infections in vagina or mouth
  • urinary infections
  • female sexual dysfunction
  • polycystic ovary syndrome
  • sudden loss or gain of body weight
  • feeling tired and weak always etc.

These are the diabetes symptoms women must look out for when they are over 40 or over 50.

Diabetes symptoms in women over 50 if taken seriously can help prevent further damage to health.

‘Diabetes symptoms in women over 50’ as well as pre diabetic symptoms are very helpful in diagnosis of diabetes. Early signs of diabetes are so valuable that you cannot afford to ignore these warning signs.

All diabetes symptoms, diabetes 2 symptoms as well as diabetes type 1 symptoms are serious. Upon noticing any diabetes symptoms in women over 50, one must encourage to ask ‘Am I diabetic?’ or ‘Is diabetes curable?’.

But women over 50 rarely do that questioning. They do not normally check what causes diabetes. Due to this attitude, they are always at risk of more serious diabetes complications that can be prevented by taking diabetes symptoms seriously.

You can use a diabetes symptom checker to understand early signs of diabetes. Using a diabetes testing kit at home to check for high blood sugar levels is a good start to deal with diabetes.

What causes Diabetes in Women over 50?

A woman’s body undergoes significant metabolic changes throughout life time. These changes have more impact on health as the age increases.

Diabetes is a life style and metabolic disease. Unhealthy life style and metabolic changes in a woman’s body cause diabetes symptoms in women over 50.

Sometimes doctors call them pre-diabetic symptoms.

A diabetic patient’s body shows high blood sugar as it cannot process insulin or cannot produce insulin.

Diabetes can appear in people of any age, sex or ethnic origin.

Eating too much and not doing as much exercise is the most obvious cause of diabetes. When you know you are at risk of diabetes, it may help to understand what a diabetic can eat.

Though it can happen to both men and women, there are some interesting observations with diabetes symptoms in women.

You must always discuss the causes of signs of diabetes in women over 40 and diabetes Symptoms in Women over 50 with a doctor.

Doctors can find it easy to help you if you report early signs of Diabetes in women over 50.

Do women over 50 pay attention to Diabetes Symptoms?

Women over 50 often ignore signs of being diabetic and are less aggressive in seeking treatment for diabetes. Women over 50 have similar attitude towards hypertension or any other cardio vascular diseases.

For some unknown reason, women do not respond to any symptoms of life style diseases as men do.

Women over 50 should actually be taking both diabetes type 1 symptoms and diabetes 2 symptoms seriously. When women over 50 notice any diabetes symptoms, they must ask themselves  ‘am I diabetic’ and ‘Is diabetes curable?’.

Unfortunately they ignore diabetes symptoms. Women must take all diabetic symptoms seriously irrespective of their age whether they are over 40, over 50 or much younger.

Other life style diseases like hypertension, high cholesterol also deserve urgent action whether they show symptoms in men or women.

Are Diabetes Symptoms in Women over 50 different to those in men?

Diabetic complications are different in women compared to those in men. This may be due to hormones and the way their bodies are built etc.

Even the kind of heart diseases in women are different compared to men.

Inflammations are also different in women compared to men.

Some Diabetes symptoms too are different in women and men.

Both women and men can use a diabetes symptom checker to gain understanding of diabetes.

There are some diabetic symptoms that women experience in a unique way than men. These are in addition to the diabetic symptoms seen in men.

If you are a woman and you see any of these symptoms of diabetes, you must see a doctor for diabetes tests and diagnosis. A doctor can also help you understand with what causes diabetes.

Women can benefit a lot by discussing their diabetic symptoms with a doctor.

Do any diabetes symptoms in women over 50 appear in men too?

The above diabetes symptoms in women over 50 are specific to women.

There are other symptoms that are common to both men and women and seen equally prominently in both men and women.

  • The diabetes symptoms in women over 50 common also in men include:
  • increased thirst and hunger
  • frequent urination
  • weight loss or gain that has no obvious cause
  • fatigue
  • blurred vision
  • wounds that heal slowly
  • nausea
  • skin infections
  • patches of darker skin in areas of the body that have creases
  • irritability
  • breath that has a sweet, fruity, or acetone odour
  • reduced feeling in your hands or feet

Along with diabetes symptoms in women over 50, You must take diabetes early symptoms seriously and look into what caused diabetes in your case.

Pregnancy Diabetes Symptoms and the gestational diabetes diet!

Pregnancy Diabetes Symptoms are key for early diagnosis of diabetes in pregnancy. Diabetes in pregnancy is also called gestational diabetes. One should take pregnancy diabetes symptoms seriously so that baby and mother are protected from diabetes complications.

Pregnancy Diabetes Symptoms You cannot ignore!

Pregnant women with gestational diabetes show pregnancy diabetes symptoms at around 12 weeks of pregnancy.

But if you see any ‘pregnancy diabetes symptoms’ at any point during pregnancy, you must discuss the same with your doctor and midwife.

They will check you for signs of diabetes and help you to ensure safety of you and baby.

If you have pregnancy diabetes symptoms, does it mean you are diabetic?

If you are pregnant and have a high blood sugar level or show any other pregnancy diabetes symptoms, you are likely to have gestational diabetes.

You must look for pregnancy diabetes symptoms throughout your pregnancy. It is important to treat gestational diabetes with the help of a doctor. Otherwise it could cause health problems to you and your baby.

Usually gestational diabetes begins after around 3 months of pregnancy. You may notice some pregnancy diabetes symptoms like

  • feeling unusually thirsty
  • passing more urine than usual
  • feeling tired and weak for no  reason

One thing to bear in mind is that some of these symptoms are common during pregnancy even if you do not have gestational diabetes.

But when you notice these, you must tell your doctor so that they can diagnose your condition. Doctors and midwives are trained to check for signs of diabetes when pregnant.

What causes gestational diabetes in women?

Woman’s body produces large number of hormones during pregnancy. As a result of this, a woman’s body becomes insulin resistant during pregnancy.

This means that though your body produces insulin, your body cannot respond well to insulin. As a result your blood sugar levels rise.

The purpose of this hormonal effect is to make sure the baby in your womb also gets some glucose and nutrients from you.

At the same time, to cope with the extra sugar in your blood, your body must produce more insulin and respond to insulin.

When you either cannot produce enough insulin or you become more insulin resistant, you get gestational diabetes and show signs of being diabetic.

So the hormonal changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy cause gestational diabetes.

Do doctors or mid-wives screen you for diabetes symptoms when you are pregnant?

Normally your doctor or midwife will check as a routine if you are diabetic. As part of the pregnancy medical process, your midwife or doctor can ask you a number of questions related to pregnancy diabetes symptoms.

If your answers indicate that you are diabetic, they will recommend more tests and diagnosis for you.

Doctors check for high blood sugar as well as low blood sugar during pregnancy. Baby and mother may become weak if mother shows low blood sugar during pregnancy.

What are gestational diabetes effects on baby?

Gestational diabetes can have serious impact on the baby if you ignore pregnancy diabetes symptoms.

When mother has high glucose levels, baby may have high insulin levels too, which in turn may lead to low blood glucose levels in the baby after birth. This may mean baby needs specialist care in hospital after birth.

When the mother produces high insulin, baby may grow larger in size than normal making delivery more difficult.

More serious gestational diabetes effects on baby include birth trauma for both mother and baby, perinatal death and increased risk of still birth.

How do doctors test you for pregnancy diabetes symptoms?

When you see a doctor or a midwife with signs of diabetes during pregnancy, they would test to see if you have gestational diabetes.

They may offer you a sugary drink and then check your blood sugar levels to understand how well your body is processing sugar.

They may do this at any time during pregnancy if they suspect you may be diabetic.

It is important that you provide them with all the information they ask for and be available for all tests without fail.

If you take pregnancy diabetes symptoms seriously and take proper care, you can ensure safety of yourself and your baby.

How do doctors treat you for pregnancy diabetes symptoms?

If you show any pregnancy diabetes symptoms, you need to eat special diet. You also need to see your doctor for an investigation.

If your doctor diagnoses your condition as gestational diabetes, he would usually refer you to a specialist clinic. The specialist clinic for gestational diabetes deals with both pregnancy and diabetes.

Midwives also play a great role in treating your gestational diabetes.

Normally if you have pregnancy diabetes symptoms, you may be seeing your midwife more often than normal. Your mid wife will make sure your blood sugar levels are maintained at safe levels all the time to prevent any problems.

You may have to check your blood sugar levels yourself at home to make sure they are in control. This can help in keeping a close watch on pregnancy diabetes symptoms.

You must eat a balanced diet and lead a healthy life style. Most importantly, you must monitor your pregnancy diabetes symptoms very closely.

What can a woman with pregnancy diabetes symptoms eat?

During pregnancy, every woman needs to eat nutritious food. The food a pregnant woman eats needs to be planned in such a way to take care of the woman and the baby as well. The best people to advise what a woman with pregnancy diabetes symptoms can eat are doctor and mid-wife. A nutritionist can can also help in planning meals for a woman with pregnancy diabetes symptoms.

Signs you have Diabetes

Signs you have Diabetes are very important to note and act upon. They help you to get checked by a doctor.  If your diabetic risk factors are high, you may get diabetes.

Do you have diabetes?

When you see any signs you have diabetes, the first thing you must do is check your blood sugar levels. You need to contact your doctor. Your doctor can do some tests on you and decide whether you are diabetic.

If the doctor confirms you have diabetes, you may need to start medication and eat diabetic diet.

If you ignore signs you have diabetes, you may be risking your overall health.

Some people ignore signs of being diabetic and do nothing about them. They realise they have diabetes only after diabetes damages some vital parts. This happens when people pay no attention to diabetic symptoms.

If you take action early when you see ‘signs you have diabetes’, you will save yourself lot of trouble.

You must ask yourself have I got diabetes,  and get treatment for diabetes.

When they see diabetes symptoms women are  generally more reluctant than men to go for a checkup.

You may also want to find out how do people get diabetes.

How is Diabetes caused? is another subject you may want to understand.

Signs you have Diabetes

Signs of diabetes include

  • having High Blood Sugar
  • feeling thirsty excessively
  • passing too much urine
  • losing weight or gaining weight for no apparent reason
  • You may also feel hungry right after finishing your meal
  • You may also feel very tired, weak etc.
  • Body fatigue is a common sign of diabetes
  • Some people have blurred vision and headache for no reason
  • If you are having a dry mouth for no reason, that’s another sign of diabetes

Other signs you have diabetes include feeling shaky, moody or grumpy.

Another typical sign of diabetes is that your simple cuts and bruises do not heal as quickly.

You may feel tingling and prick in your fingers or toes.

Some people get frequent urinary tract infections or yeast infections.

With diabetes symptoms women show some symptoms that are specific to their gender.

You may use a diabetes symptom checker to check for all diabetic symptoms. Comparing any signs you have diabetes with common diabetes symptoms is a good way to start the diagnosis of diabetes.

How to get tested for Diabetes?

When you see any of such symptoms in you and start wondering have I got diabetes, you may want to take some diabetes tests to know if you are diabetic.

This involves some study of your life style, your family history, blood tests and urine tests.

A blood test gives an indication of blood sugar level in your blood. If you have High Blood Sugar, you may be diabetic.

Your family history also plays an important role. If you have a close relative who is a diabetic, your risk of being diabetic is high.

You may also use a diabetes symptom checker and discuss how do people get diabetes with your doctor. A doctor can explain How is Diabetes caused? along with signs you have diabetes.

All signs you have diabetes are a good way that you get an opportunity to protect your health.

Instead of being in denial, you must pay attention to any signs you have diabetes.

You must compare all signs you have with diabetes symptom checker. This will help you understand your health better.

If signs you have diabetes are true, you would need help from a doctor.