Diabetes Insipidus in Dogs | Causes, Symptoms, | Diagnosis and Help!

What is Diabetes Insipidus in Dogs?

Diabetes Insipidus in Dogs is a condition where the dog drinks exceptionally large amounts of water and urinates a lot. If you own a dog and find that your dog is passing excess urine, you will find it quite upsetting. But you need not worry too much. When you notice anything strange with your dog, just see the vet.

Diabetes insipidus in dogs is a condition that is manageable but needs dog owner’s attention. To protect your dog well, understanding what is diabetes insipidus in dogs is very important. When you have good knowledge about diabetes insipidus in dogs, you will be able to identify symptoms and respond sooner.

How can you compare dog diabetes insipidus symptoms with those in human?

Diabetes Insipidus symptoms in humans are not much different to that in dogs. Even some causes of diabetes insipidus might be similar in humans and dogs.

As the symptoms of ‘Diabetes Insipidus in Dogs’ are similar to the diabetes insipidus symptoms seen in humans, its easier to help your dog when needed. You need a vet to diagnose and treat Diabetes Insipidus in Dogs.

Do other pets get diabetes insipidus too? Yes. Diabetes Insipidus in dogs is common and so is diabetes insipidus in cats etc.

What causes diabetes insipidus in dogs?

Diabetes Insipidus in dogs can be due to two reasons.

One, where the dog’s hypothalamus  does not produce antidiuretic hormone (ADH) as needed.


Two, when the dog’s kidneys do not use the antidiuretic hormone or ADH.

In humans too, to diabetes insipidus is caused by a problem with ADH. This is true with dog diabetes insipidus also.

In a healthy dog, the hypothalamus produces ADH properly and the kidneys use it properly too. As a result the dog drinks water normally and urinates normally.

But when either hypothalamus does not produce ADH or kidneys do not use ADH properly, the dog ends up with diabetes insipidus. It starts to drink excessively huge amounts of water and passes diluted urine in large amounts.

All diabetes insipidus symptoms in dogs need to be investigated. If ignored, symptoms of dog diabetes insipidus can get severe and lead to further complications. This could be a serious problem for dog owner.

What are the symptoms of Diabetes Insipidus in Dogs?

Diabetes Insipidus symptoms in dogs include the below.

  • Drinking excessive amounts of water,
  • Passing large amounts of diluted urine,
  • Feeling very dehydrated for no reason despite drinking lot of fluids,
  • feels disoriented often,
  • suffers from Seizures despite no such history,
  • loses weight

A dog owner cannot ignore dog diabetes insipidus symptoms. One must report these to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

Diabetes Insipidus in dogs symptoms can be the first alerts for the owner that the dog needs treatment.

With diabetes insipidus dogs can get very sick and unwell. So if a dog shows any of the above symptoms, you must investigate further to find out if your dog is suffering from diabetes insipidus.

You must make sure your dog gets proper treatment and care.

How can you respond to diabetes insipidus in dogs symptoms?

As long as you understand Diabetes Insipidus Definition well, you can take good care of your dog.

Diabetes insipidus in dogs is a condition that needs immediate care.

When your dog shows some of the above symptoms, it is important that you get a proper diagnosis done on your dog for diabetes insipidus.

Consulting a veterinarian

When you take your dog to a veterinarian, he will examine the dog very closely and understand its history and symptoms in more detail.

A veterinarian performs some diagnostic tests on the dog.

The tests can include chemical tests to evaluate kidney, liver and pancreatic function.

Some tests check if the dog has any other infections that may cause similar symptoms.

The dog doctor gets a complete blood count and other urine tests for urinary tract infections etc.

This is normal diagnostic procedure for diabetes insipidus in dogs.

With diabetes insipidus dogs show positive results in some of the above tests.

Symptoms of dog diabetes insipidus trigger investigation while these tests confirm diabetes insipidus in dogs.

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