Diabetes insipidus is caused by ADH problems | Diabetes insipidus causes

What causes diabetes insipidus?

Diabetes insipidus is caused by a variety of reasons like injury, infection, side effects of certain medicines etc. Whatever diabetes insipidus is caused by, ADH is the centre of diabetes insipidus diagnosis.

When your body fails to produce ADH, you get neurogenic diabetes insipidus.

When your nephrons fail to respond to ADH, you get nephrogenic diabetes insipidus.

As diabetes insipidus is different from diabetes mellitus, what a diabetic can eat is not what a person with diabetes insipidus can eat. Diet for a person with diabetes mellitus is different from diet for a person with diabetes insipidus.

What is ADH or AntiDiuretic Hormone?

ADH is the abbreviation for AntiDiuretic Hormone.

It is a neurohypophysial hormone.

As ADH contains Arginine, it is also called Arginine VasoPressin (AVP) or Argipressin.

The main functions of ADH are to retain water in the body and to constrict blood vessels.

Is Diabetes Insipidus caused by ADH problems ?

Yes diabetes insipidus is caused by ADH problems. ADH means Anti Diuretic Hormone and is also known as Vasopressin.

ADH is responsible for water retention in the body. When body fails to produce ADH, your body fails to retain right amount of water.

The same thing happens when kidneys fail to use ADH properly.

When your body fails to either produce or use ADH, it leads to diabetes insipidus.

When hypothalamus stops producing ADH, or kidneys do not use ADH as they should, the person starts to show diabetes insipidus symptoms.

These symptoms include excessive urination and thirst.

What is Hypothalamus?

Hypothalamus is part of your brain. It is responsible for the regulation of urine production.

Hypothalamus produces ADH and then this hormone is transported to the pituitary gland.

ADH is stored in pituitary gland. It gets later released for use by kidneys that act for urine regulation.

What are common reasons various types of diabetes insipidus is caused by?

There are few types of diabetes insipidus like Neurogenic diabetes insipidus, Nephrogenic diabetes insipidus, Dipsogenic diabetes insipidus and Gestational diabetes insipidus etc. as seen below.

Many different factors cause these types of diabetes insipidus as explained below.

What causes Neurogenic diabetes insipidus?

Some doctors refer to Neurogenic diabetes insipidus as central diabetes insipidus.

Neurogenic diabetes insipidus is caused by lack of ADH where hypothalamus does not produce enough ADH.

Due to lack of ADH, kidneys have no way of regulating water loss from the body. This in turn causes the person to pass large amounts of diluted urine and feel thirsty.

What causes Nephrogenic diabetes insipidus?

When nephrons fail to perform well, it leads to nephrogenic diabetes insipidus.

As nephrons fail, kidneys are unable to respond normally to ADH and retain water. So the person urinates a lot and loses water. When the patient loses excess water as urine, symptoms like excess thirst and dehydration begin to show up. As a result, the patient may need to drink lot of water and seek medical help.

Thus nephrogenic diabetes insipidus is caused by failing nephrons.

What causes Dipsogenic diabetes insipidus?

When a person drinks excessive amounts of water, it leads to dipsogenic diabetes insipidus.

A person can drink excessive amounts of fluids due to a problem in thirst mechanism or a mental illness.

Thus dipsogenic diabetes insipidus is caused by excess water consumption. This is dangerous as the person urinates a lot.

In such cases, the person may also suffer from water intoxication.

What causes gestational diabetes insipidus?

Pregnant woman can show symptoms of gestational diabetes insipidus.

Gestational diabetes insipidus is caused by excessive production of ADH or impaired clearance of ADH in pregnant women.

Pregnant women may also get diabetes mellitus. Diabetes mellitus during pregnancy should not be confused with diabetes insipidus.

When a woman shows pregnancy diabetes symptoms such as excess thirst, fatigue or excess urination, one must consult a doctor or mid wife.

How do you find out the root cause for your diabetes insipidus?

A doctor helps you determine the root cause for your diabetes insipidus.

So the first thing you need to do to find root cause of your diabetes insipidus is to see your doctor. This is important because the treatment for diabetes insipidus depends on what your diabetes insipidus caused by.

If your diabetes insipidus is caused by a problem in hypothalamus, doctors would treat it differently than they would if your diabetes insipidus is caused by a problem in kidneys.

If any medicine causes diabetes insipidus as a side effect, may be doctor can change your medicine etc. 2

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