What causes High Blood Sugar? How do you get diabetes?

What causes High Blood Sugar?

What causes High Blood Sugar in diabetics is the high sugar content in the food.

When we eat food, it gets digested and broken down into various elements like sugar, protein, fat etc.

Among these sugar is important for diabetics. This is because sugar from food enters into blood stream. This could be What causes High Blood Sugar.

Normally insulin, a protein produced by pancreas takes care of the sugar and makes sure the blood sugar levels remain in normal range.

In some cases, pancreas cannot produce insulin or the body cannot use insulin.

Then blood sugar levels are not regulated, they end up showing in the blood and this leads to high blood sugar in most diabetic patients.

This is ‘What causes High Blood Sugar’. When you know What causes High Blood Sugar, you can stay away from such causes.

Sugary Food

For such reasons diabetics must eat food that is low in sugar and high in fibre, proteins etc.

This makes the diet safer for diabetics as low levels of sugar in food can mean less chance of causing high blood sugar.

Lack of Exercise

Another tip to diabetics is to be doing regular exercise so that blood sugar levels stay in normal range.

Regular exercise improves the body metabolism. When you exercise well, your blood sugar levels get to normal.


Diabetics can eat fruits that contain sugar as fruits have lot of nutrition, vitamins and fibre.

They just have to eat such fruits in moderate amounts only.

If you ask a doctor What causes High Blood Sugar they would not normally say it is fruits.

So What causes High Blood Sugar cannot be fruits.

Organ failure and diabetes

As sugar in food causes high blood sugar, it gets in way of blood circulation as it may settle on the inner walls of blood vessels.

This may lead to narrowing of blood vessels and restricted blood circulation, meaning some organs may not get enough blood supply or nutrition.

When this happens to vital organs, a serious situation of organ failure may occur and may lead to critical medical situation.

Summary | What causes High Blood Sugar?

Despite all this, people say diabetics need not stop eating good food altogether. They can eat limited amount of food. Sweets.

The above tips are very helpful for diabetics to keep their blood sugar levels in normal range and protect their health in long term.

If diabetics fail to take precautions, health may suffer and lead to organ failures, heart attack, stroke etc.

If you eat less of What causes High Blood Sugar, you can protect yourself from such health issues.

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