Does sugar cause diabetes? Is having high blood sugar levels harmful?

Does sugar cause diabetes or any other health problems? This is something I ask myself every time I have a sweet in my hand. I ask myself ‘Does Sugar cause Diabetes’ because I want to protect my health.

The question Does Sugar causes Diabetes is important because I believe sugar is one big item that causes lot of health problems.

Sugar can come in many forms. It can be in the sweets we eat, condiments, sauces, ice cream, chocolate, soft drinks etc. In whatever form sugar reaches our diet, sugar is always harmful. It causes few problems. It makes you sick, makes you gain weight, adversely impacts your metabolism. For diabetics, it is even worse.

So it is important to understand Does Sugar cause Diabetes.

What causes Diabetes?

It is not easy to say exactly What causes Diabetes. As researches have proved that there could be many reasons why people get diabetes, it is not possible to say that sugar itself causes diabetes.

Sugar definitely makes diabetes worse as it causes blood sugar levels to spike and increases the chances of diabetes complications. When diabetics eat too much sugar, they have high blood sugar levels and gain weight. This in turn increases the risk of hypertension, heart attack and stroke etc.

For these reasons diabetics must always watch the sugar in their diet. They take drinks without sugar and food with less carbs. It is a good idea to monitor your blood sugar levels. You may find this blood glucose meter handy.

Diabetic diet is normally rich in fibre, protein, vitamins etc.

How is Diabetes caused?

Does sugar cause diabetes or not is one side of the story. What is more striking is that Sugar causes all diabetic complications to get even worse.

Eating excessive carbs leads to accumulation of fat in the body. This primarily leads to weight gain. But this also tends to narrow down blood vessels which hamper the blood flow. This can mean certain parts of your body get less blood supply and poorer nutrition. As a result, eating excess sugar may lead to organ failures and more serious problems.

So the common advice is that everyone, not just diabetics must learn to eat food that contains less sugar. Certainly, this practice makes your diet more diabetic friendly and leads to fewer health problems.

What is Diabetes | Does Sugar cause Diabetes?

Knowing What Diabetes is and How Diabetes is caused is generally very important.

In fact, You can compare your symptoms with diabetic symptoms checker to see if you have diabetes. When you know What Diabetes is, you have knowledge of diabetes.

It is very helpful to know if sugar cause diabetes, so that you can cut your sugar intake. When you know How Diabetes is caused, you can protect yourself by staying clear of diabetic causes.

Does sugar generally cause diabetes in all cases? No. Surprisingly, some people eat sweets all their life. Does sugar definitely cause diabetes in all of them? May not be. So does sugar cause diabetes? not always and not with every person.

Some doctors say no matter whether sugar causes diabetes or not, it is important you cut your sugar intake. Surprisingly, the effect that sugar has on someone’s health or diabetes is very different. So, you need to check how sugar works in your case.

Summary | Does Sugar cause Diabetes?

When you find out if sugar cause diabetes, whether you think yes or no it is always safer to cut your sugar intake. Sometimes you may get contradicting answers when you ask does sugar make you a diabetic.

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