What can a Diabetic eat?

What can a Diabetic eat? Is that your question at the moment? Well, the answer to that question is very popular and equally obscure. What can a Diabetic eat is something a diabetic as well as those who care for a diabetic patient worry about quiet often. Thus, the diet for diabetic patient plays a vital role in controlling blood sugar levels.

What can Diabetics eat for keeping diabetes in control? Also, what can Diabetics eat without adversely impacting their blood sugar levels and general health? By all means, this is a very popular topic for debate. Hence, What can a diabetic eat without adversely impacting blood sugar levels is something that every diabetic is concerned about.

Actually, What a diabetic can eat is a diet that is low in sugar, salt, fat and calories. A diabetic diet must contain good amounts of protein, fibre and other nutrients. ‘What can a Diabetic eat’ is a balanced diet for every meal in small portions. The bottom line is that diabetics must eat nutritious food that is high in fibre, protein and vitamins but low in calories, sugar, salt and fat.

Diabetic diet chart

Food for diabetes is a sensitive topic as diet plays significant role in diabetic’s health. The diabetic diet chart hence determines what a diabetic patient can eat to keep good health. This is important because diabetics need strong support from nutrition to protect their health more than non-diabetics.

What can a diabetic eat? Low sugar balanced meals!

What a diabetic can eat is a matter of serious enquiry by all diabetics and dieticians. As a diabetic  eats low sugar balanced meals few times a day, the blood sugar levels remain good.

Whole and natural food is great food for diabetics to eat. So, food that nature provides if eaten in the exact natural form helps manage diabetes better. Processed food is not good for diabetics. It is also good to avoid all fried foods and sweets. If you are hungry and have no other option, please eat only small amounts of fried foods or sweets.

As a wise diabetic, you may want to avoid the temptation for a second serving to keep calorie intake low.

Diabetics will do better by eating a variety of whole and natural foods in small portions. Eating such safe diet would protect diabetics from many diabetic complications.

Please bear in mind that the above diet is good for diabetics but this is not the only diet for diabetics to maintain overall health.  Now let us see what the best foods for diabetics and the worst foods for diabetics are and What can Diabetics eat.

What can a diabetic eat? Diabetic diet sheet

A diabetic diet sheet can be very helpful in making sure the diet for a diabetic patient is well organised. There are many things like what can diabetics eat and what foods to avoid with diabetes etc. that need to be taken into account. It is important that a diabetic eats small diabetic friendly meals regularly throughout the day.

A diabetic can never afford to miss eating any meals especially breakfast.

When you eat a meal, you may want to eat salads or vegetables first and let your tummy fill up with these as much as possible. You can go for main course of your meal later. It is also important that you keep food portion small if you are a diabetic and trying to lose weight.

What should diabetics eat?

Examples of What can Diabetics eat are fresh whole fruits and fresh vegetables in their natural form.

Can diabetics eat fruit? Eating whole fruit and vegetables brings a nutritious and balanced meal for the diabetics. This can help improve metabolism to a great extent.

All foods diabetics can eat must be nutritious. A good diabetic diet contains moderate portions of fresh vegetables and fresh fruits of various colours in every meal.

Salad must always be part of every diabetic meal for obvious reasons.

Whole nuts are another great food for diabetics as they contain good nutrition.

Balanced Meal

As a diabetic, it is important that you eat a balanced meal every time. A balanced diet contains the right combination of fibre and all nutrients like proteins, vitamins, minerals etc. Diet for diabetic Patient should always be carefully controlled and prepared with various nutrients to make a balanced meal. Small balanced meals with low sugar, salt and fat are what diabetics can eat. What can a diabetic eat? Balanced meal it is.

What can Diabetics eat for good health is food low in salt, sugar and fat and high in good things such as vitamins, fibre and protein. These nutrients can be in the form of grains, pulses or legumes, fruits and vegetables etc. The most important point is to eat as less sugar as you can. If a diabetic eats food that is high in sugar, his blood sugar levels spike and this adversely impacts health. So, diabetics must make sure they eat a balanced diet every time. A Diabetic Meal Plan makes sure the meal is always balanced.

Foods that are high in salt, sugar and fat are foods diabetics should not eat. If you cannot stop your cravings for food high in sugar, salt, fat or calories, you can have a small bite but not much.

More Fibre!

Fibre is an essential nutrient for good health and clear bowel movement.

Fibre also helps clean the gut and promotes easier bowel movements. Food that is high in fibre promotes the general health of a diabetic and helps cleanse the body of toxins.

High fibre food helps us feel full for longer and beats hunger. When we feel less hungry, we end up eating less food. Eating smaller portions of food is essential for  diabetic.

Your digestive system takes longer and works harder to digest fibre rich food. Food high in fibre takes longer to travel through the digestive system.

This is the reason why we feel full for longer when we eat more fibre.

What can a Diabetic eat for fibre?

Food prepared with whole grains contains fibre which is very helpful for diabetics. Fibre makes you feel full for longer and so you eat less food. Fibre also helps to maintain healthy body weight.

Great sources of fibre for a diabetic include legumes, beans, oats, broccoli, avocados, plums, bananas, berries, almonds, cauliflower, celery etc.

Vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cucumber, and lettuce are very friendly diet for diabetics at all times.

More Protein!

As Protein is one of the essential nutrients we need to eat enough of it with every meal. Protein helps to repair damaged cells and muscle growth. Protein is the most friendly diet for diabetics. A high protein diet helps lower blood sugar and lose weight. There should be lot of protein in a diabetic food chart.

Proteins take more time to digest so we feel full for longer. As we feel full for longer, we eat less food. Thus, protein rich diet supports weight loss too.

High protein diet helps deal with diabetes easier. Proteins do not produce much sugar when digested. So protein rich foods do not cause any spikes in blood sugar levels.  This makes proteins the best diet for diabetics.

What can a Diabetic eat for Protein?

As we all know meat is very popular source of protein. So many people eat meat for protein in every meal.

Meat as protein

Meat is rich in protein. But the biggest disadvantage of meat is that meat does not contain any fibre.

It is disappointing that meat does not contain any fibre which is essential for diabetics. Fibre is essential for keeping hunger in control and easier bowel movements. Dietary fibre promotes metabolism and helps clean the body from toxins.

Protein from vegetables

Protein is also widely available in many vegetarian foods. Luckily, vegetables contain both protein and fibre. For this reason and many others, vegetable protein is a much better source of protein for diabetics.

Examples of protein rich vegetarian foods include pulses, grains, beans, lentils, legumes etc. Diet for diabetic patient includes plenty vegetables that have protein as well as fibre.

As we can get both protein and fibre from lentils and beans, diabetics must eat more whole beans. Examples include black bean, kidney bean, green beans, green peas etc.

A diabetic diet chart must include plenty of such beans and lentils. You can make great recipes for diabetics from these beans and lentils.

Fresh Fruits!

Can diabetics eat fruit? Yes. Fruits are great source of vitamins and minerals for diabetics. As fruits contain excellent nutrition, they help you in keeping good health.

Fruits for diabetic patients also provide with many essential vitamins, minerals, fibre and other nutrients. So fruits are great part of a good diet for diabetic patient.

What fruits can a diabetic eat?

Best fruits for diabetics include Papaya, Plum, Tomato, Banana, Pears, Grapes, Guava, Melon, Jackfruit etc.

Many nutritionists say Papaya and Guava are the best fruits for diabetics. But there are other fruits for diabetic patients too to relish on.

However, some tropical fruits like Pineapple and Mango are very high in sugar so they may not be good fruits for diabetic patients. Diabetics can eat such fruits in small portions.

This means diabetics must make sure that when it comes to fruits like mango and pineapple, they must eat only in small quantities.

It is important that diabetics keep a check on blood sugar levels when eating fruits with high sugar.

There are some myths that fruits are harmful for diabetics. It is important to realize it is just a myth.

That is to say, Fruits are truly a great source of vitamins if diabetics can eat fruits in reasonable quantities.

So, can diabetics eat fruit? Yes.  Fruits are good snacks for diabetics.

Fresh Vegetables!

The best answer that a doctor can give to someone who asks what can a diabetic eat is ‘Vegetables’. Most Vegetables are very low in sugar but contain lots of good nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fibre that are very good for health. This makes vegetables the best diet for diabetic patients.

Vegetables are one single food that a Diabetic can eat without worrying about spikes in blood sugar levels. If you are talking about good foods for diabetics, vegetables must definitely be included.

Experts say the nutrients that vegetables contain depend on their colour to some extent. So, it is very important that you chose vegetables of different colour in your meal. Generally eating 5 different vegetables a day is a very good practice.

Vegetables are great Diabetic Diet. Simple Vegetables like courgette, cucumber, eggplant and pumpkin are rich in water and help you feel full when you eat. Yet they are very low in sugar and calories.

This means when you eat vegetables, you do not have to worry about weight gain too.

What vegetables can a diabetic eat?

Great recipes for diabetics are full of vegetables. Cucumber, cauliflower, broccoli and Brussel sprouts are some of the best vegetables for diabetics to eat.

How can a diabetic eat vegetables?

The best way to eat vegetables is raw or steamed. You can eat some vegetables boiled or sautéed for best results. When you eat vegetables raw, boiled or steamed, they retain most of the nutrients. You may also try to lightly roast or grill the vegetables and eat. You may add green leafy vegetables like spinach or kale to your salads or you can lightly blanch them and eat.

Some people fry vegetables but fried vegetables do not make a good meal for diabetics.

Can a diabetic eat canned vegetables?

Having said that vegetables are good for diabetics, it is important to remember to avoid eating vegetables cooked or treated in some unhealthy methods.

Examples of these include canned vegetables with too much added sodium, vegetables roasted in too much fat or butter or cheese etc. So, a diabetic diet chart has less of these.

Canned vegetables are not really great but you can select those with little  added salt or sodium.

Fewer Carbs!

Carbohydrates or Carbs as we commonly call them are very essential for health. They are important for diabetics too. Carbs are the source of energy. Carbs are like fuel for metabolism.  Moreover, body uses carbs in biosynthesis.

Carbohydrates impact the blood sugar levels directly so you need to be careful in how much carbohydrates you include in a diabetic food chart. Diabetics must make sure they include carbs in every meal but in the right quantity.

A good diet plan for diabetic patient contains notably fewer carbohydrates. But you should not avoid carbs completely as they are very important for you. It is important to realize that carbs are the main source of energy. So please include some carbs in every meal.

A  doctor or nutritionist can help with a balanced diabetic meal plan. In fact, they plan diabetic meals based on how the diabetic patient’s blood sugar levels are.

What can a diabetic eat for Carbs?

Good sources of carbs are wholegrain starchy foods, fruits, vegetables, pulses etc.  Diabetics must eat sufficient varieties of carbs with every meal.

Whole grains, yam, sweet potato are especially the best sources of starches or carbohydrates for diabetics. Also, food prepared with these with no or very little added sugar is good.

In particular, brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa, millet are great examples of whole grains.

However, few other sources of starches or carbohydrates may not be good for diabetics to eat. These certainly include white rice, white flour, starches with loads of added sugar, white bread, potato chips, any bread made with white flour. So diabetics may want to eat more food from whole grains or pulses.

Less Fat!

Food high in fat makes us weight gain and leads to obesity. Obesity in turn causes severe health issues such as poor metabolism, heart disease and stroke etc. So, Diabetic food must also be low in fat. High fat diet makes you gain much weight due to the excessive content of fat in the food. Moreover, such weight gain in turn makes diabetes worse and increases the risk of diabetes related complications. In general, a diabetic must protect oneself from foods that lead to obesity. As a result, fatty or oily foods are not good for diabetics.

It is surely important to cut down on fat in the food if you are a diabetic. But this does not mean you must avoid fat totally. On the contrary, it is vital that you include some healthy fat in your meal as it is important for your body. However, low fat foods are What can a Diabetic eat. But please avoid saturated fats like animal fats etc.

By all means, saturated fats are not What a Diabetic can eat. As a result, foods high in fat are foods to avoid with diabetes.  So foods low in fat are foods diabetics can eat.

What can a Diabetic eat? Less Salt!

Salt is an essential nutrient for humans. Hence, a diabetic must eat salt. However, food with too much salt is harmful for diabetics. As a matter of fact, such food increases the blood pressure and makes diabetes worse. In addition, high salt diet increases the risk of heart disease, and hypertension. Consequently, salt needs to be low in what can Diabetics eat.

High salt in food also has an adverse effect on body weight – high salt content increases the risk of water weight that is the weight increase in body due to increased water retention in the body.

In general, foods with high amount of salt are not good for diabetics. Hence, it is important that a diabetic eats less salt in their meals. An alternative for salt is to season food with herbs and spices instead of salt.

In general, foods that have too much salt are foods to avoid with diabetes. Likewise, Good snacks for diabetics are low in salt. So, a Diabetic Meal Plan always includes low salt food.

What can a Diabetic eat? Less Sugar!

Last but not least, a diabetic must be avoiding added sugar as far as possible to keep diabetes in control. Due to the reason that their bodies would not be able to process sugar well, diabetic diet must be low in sugar.

In case you ask me ‘Does sugar cause diabetes?’, honestly, I do not know what to say. But, eating food high in sugar causes sudden increase in blood sugar which is dangerous.

For this reason, it is very important that a diabetic always keeps a check on blood sugar levels and maintain in safe limits. In general, Food high in sugar, will lead to an increase in blood sugar levels which is not good for a diabetic.  Thus, it is important the food that a diabetic eats is low in sugar.

Thus, if you are eating a starch based food like potato or rice you must make sure that you eat only a limited quantity. Also, the same applies to eating fruits like mangoes and pineapples. To be sure, you can only eat little quantities of these fruits. Equally important, in Breakfast for Diabetics even coffee and tea must be low in sugar. Also, a diabetic breakfast plan avoids jams or spreads with added sugar in them.

So, What can a Diabetic eat?

By all means, it is important that a diabetic eats a proper diet. Hence support from a nutritionist and medical advice from a doctor about What can a Diabetic eat is vital.

What should a diabetic eat is a balanced diet low in sugar, salt and fat but high in fibre, protein, minerals and vitamins. Moreover, what should a diabetic eat is naturally available fruits, vegetables, pulses etc. in whole and natural form. Food high in vitamins, minerals and fibre is thus very good for diabetics.

Diet for diabetic patient

Diet for diabetic patient is generally rich in whole grains, fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables. You can also add some very common and basic foods that are rich in fibre, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals to your current diet. Some examples of such diet are apples, avocados, asparagus as well as beans etc. So you can add these to your diet.


Apples are rich in particular type of anti-oxidants. Because of these anti-oxidants, apples help in lowering the risk and levels of cholesterol. So, eating apple everyday will protect you from heart problems and high cholesterol.

Apple also protects one from diabetes and provides good amount of fibre.  Surprisingly, there are many more reasons why apple is a super food for diabetics.

As a result, doctors say one must eat a small or medium sized apple a day. Thus you can get the required amount of fibre and carb along with vitamins and minerals. A large apple may contain more carbs then you need for a day. So, a diabetic can eat a bit of a big apple but not the whole apple.


Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fat that is good for heart health. So, eating avocados will protect you from diabetes and related complications and risk of heart disease.

You need to start eating avocados regularly. For example, You can eat avocado direct or with a dressing of lemon juice or olive oil. So remember to grab those fresh avocados on your next shop. Thus, you can protect yourself from diabetes complications.


Beans are another food very good for diabetics. As a matter of fact, Fresh Beans are very rich in fibre and protein. Beans also have a special property of helping diabetics to control blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

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