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How does a diabetic food chart help control your blood sugar levels?

Diabetic Food Chart is a very handy tool that can help diabetics to eat the right food to avoid diabetic complications. A diabetic’s body cannot absorb the sugar that their food brings in. When a diabetic eats foods high in sugar, blood sugar levels rise. So, it is important that a diabetic diet chart lists foods that are low in sugar.

For every diabetic whether type 1 or type 2, blood sugar levels are crucial. It is absolutely essential that a diabetic manages his condition well and keeps blood sugar levels in control. Diabetes if poorly managed increases the risk of organ failure, hypertension and other heart diseases.

A well prepared diabetic food chart can be very helpful in preparing diabetic diet plans correctly. Correct diabetic diet plan leads to proper diabetic meals, which in turn help control blood sugar levels.

What does a diabetic food chart contain?

A good diabetic food chart must contain foods that are low in sugar, fat and salt. At the same time, diabetic food chart must also show foods that are high in fibre, protein and vitamins. Such a diabetic food chart helps diabetics eat a balanced diet, keep blood sugar levels good and maintain a healthy life style.

Fresh fruit and fresh vegetables are very rich in minerals. Your body absorbs these foods easily. Hence they are good for body metabolism and overall good health. Hence a good diabetic diet chart recommends plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.


A good diabetic diet chart recommends fruits in moderate quantities only. There are certain high sugar fruits that diabetics should be careful about eating. For example, mangoes are very high in sugar. So diabetics must not eat too much mango fruit or drink mango based juices. Fruits like papaya, blackberries, blueberries, pineapple, guava, apple, grapes, kiwi and pear are very good for diabetics. Overall diabetics must eat a variety of fresh fruits.

Diabetic fruit diet must be a combination of different types of fruits. A smart way is to pick fruits of different colours and eat. It is also wise to spread the fruit consumption across the day instead of eating all in one go. I started my fruit diet with these great dried mangoes.


Fresh salads are the best diet for diabetics. Cucumber helps in weight loss and regulates blood sugar levels. Similarly arugula, cress, celery and lettuce are great for diabetics to keep blood sugar levels low. Diabetics must eat fresh salad made from different coloured vegetables before eating any cooked food.

This helps in good digestion and also weight control. When you eat fresh salad before eating cooked food, you end up eating less. As you feel full with fresh salad, you would eat less cooked food and thus consume fewer calories.


Vegetables are major source of nutrition for diabetics and others. Though vegetables are high in carbohydrates, a diabetic can eat vegetables for their vitamins, minerals, protein, dietary fibre etc. Best vegetables for diabetics include pumpkin, cucumber, okra, tomato, celery, cauliflower, cabbage, lettuce, spinach etc.

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