Can a diabetic drink Tomato juice?

Can a diabetic drink Tomato juice?

A diabetic can definitely drink tomato juice and derive great health benefits. Tomato juice is rich in nutrition and also helps hydrate your body. With very few calories and so many nutrients, tomato juice is one of the best drinks for diabetics.

Does tomato juice raise blood sugar levels?

Tomato juice generally does not raise blood sugar levels significantly. Research shows drinking tomato juice does not usually significantly change fasting blood glucose levels.

Drinking tomato juice daily can help with several health benefits. Tomato juice can help reduce risk of blood clots. Drinking tomato juice can be great for diabetics as they are more at risk of atheroscerosis and cardiavascular problems. Tomato juice is rich in antioxidants such as Lycopene and so can help control inflammation, heart disease and cancer.

Can diabetics benefit from drinking tomato juice?

However, some people may experience a laxaive effect. A diabetic may want to drink tomato juice as often as they can tolerate. Thus, one can get all great nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin B and Potassium.

How do you make tomato juice?

It is very easy to make tomato juice. You need a blender, some ripe tomatoes and few herbs to your taste. Blend the tomatoes and herbs and pour it in a glass. Optionally you can use a sieve but the sieve may remove most of the fibre. Mixed herbs, parsley, mint, coriander, ajwain (carrom seeds), cumin, yoghurt can add great flavour to tomato juice. And, last but not least, few ice cubes can take the drink to next level.

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