Can a diabetic eat Quinoa?

Can a diabetic eat Quinoa?

Can a diabetic eat Quinoa?

A diabetic can eat quinoa as it helps in regulating blood sugar. As quinoa is high in dietary fibre and protein, it helps regulate blood sugar levels. Quinoa also improves metabolism. Quinoa also helps a diabetic in regulating cholesterol levels. So, quinoa is good for cholesterol control. This is a great benefit for a diabetic as most diabetics have problems with cholesterol. Better cholesterol levels mean the diabetic has less risk of cardiac complications too. Thus, quinoa is good for cholesterol control in a diabetic. Quinoa is also rich in minerals and other plant compounds.

Moreover, quinoa is gluten free. Some diabetics prefer not to eat gluten. Gluten in itself is not harmful for diabetics but foods that have gluten are generally high in carbohydrates too and can cause blood sugar spikes. But, quinoa does not cause high blood sugar levels. All these reasons make quinoa a great food for diabetics.

Does quinoa spike blood sugar levels?

No. Quinoa does not cause any spikes in blood sugar levels. As quinoa has low glycaemic index, a diabetic need not worry about blood sugar spikes. Moreover, quinoa is rich in fibre and protein. Fibre and protein slow the digestion process. This helps in regulating blood sugar levels. There will be no serious problems around blood sugar levels.

Is quinoa high in carbs?

Yes, when you cook quinoa, it gives you a little over 20% of carbohydrates. But this does not make it harmful for a diabetic to eat. Quinoa is also 14% protein and 2-3% of fibre. As quinoa is rich in fibre and protein, it makes a good diabetic diet.

Can a diabetic eat quinoa for weight loss?

Yes, quinoa may indeed help you lose weight. As quinoa is high in fibre and protein, you will take more time to digest. This means you will not feel hungry for longer time. Your general metabolism is improved with quinoa. All these reasons mean quinoa can indeed help you lose weight. Moreover, quinoa has low glycaemic index (GI). In general, low glycaemic index foods are great for weight loss. Any food that helps in losing weight is good for diabetics. Moreover, quinoa can not only help you lose weight but also makes you feel better and healthier.

Some experts call quinoa a super grain. The amino acid lysine present in quinoa can help burn fat. Moreover, betaine in quinoa improves metabolism and over helps reduce your belly fat. Thus, you can say quinoa helps in cutting fat around your belly. As belly fat can cause complications in diabetics, quinoa is great for a diabetic to eat.

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