Can a diabetic eat Noodles?

Can a diabetic eat Noodles?

Noodles are popular food across the world. Many a diabetic consider noodles their favourite dinner. The question whether a diabetic can eat noodles arises as many diabetics are concerned about blood sugar levels. Generally, a diabetic can eat food that can lower blood sugar levels, does not cause weight gain etc.

So, basically a food that diabetic eats must be so chosen that is low in carbohydrates, sugar, calories etc. When it comes to noodles, it depends on what the noodles are made of. A diabetic should choose to eat noodles that are made of low carb, low sugar and low-calorie ingredients.

What type of noodles are good for diabetics?

A diabetic can any noodles that do not cause sudden spikes in blood sugar levels. Moreover, noodles with added nutritious ingredients are even better for diabetics.

Can a diabetic eat Shirataki noodles?

If a diabetic can eat noodles, then what kind of noodles are best for diabetics? Experts say Shirataki noodles are great for a diabetic to eat. Shirataki noodles contain glucomannan, a great fibre and are great for weight loss. Made from Konjac root. and are good for a diabetic to eat. Thus, people with diabetes must prefer to eat more Shirataki noodles than other types that are high in carbs or based purely on rice and other starches.  

Can diabetics eat rice noodles?

Rice noodles are generally high in starch or carbs. A diabetic cannot eat too much carbohydrates. If a diabetic eats rice noodles it may lead to spikes in blood sugar levels. Hence, a diabetic can only eat rice noodles in small portions and only infrequently. Another tip to eat rice noodles is to mix up with other nutritious ingredients like protein, vitamins etc. You may want to remember these facts next time you want to buy rice noodles.

Can you eat ramen noodles with diabetes?

Ramen noodles are mostly based on wheat and so can be high on carbohydrates. Hence, experts say a diabetic can eat ramen noodles once in a while and in small portions. Regular consumption of large amounts of ramen noodles can lead to higher blood sugar levels.

Are instant noodles good for diabetics?

Diabetics are very wary of going without food for long time. Leaving a long gap between meals is a diabetic’s nightmare. As a result sometimes a diabetic may look for a quick meal such as instant noodles. You may find it easy and quick to prepare but instant noodles may not be the best for a diabetic. Regularly eating instant noodles can be harmful for a diabetic.

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