Can a diabetic eat Hash browns?

Can a diabetic eat Hash browns?

Can a diabetic eat hash browns?

Hash browns are popular for breakfast. While the primary ingredient of hash browns is potato, there are few common additional ingredients. These include oil, salt, dehydrated onion, some form of sugar and preservatives. Moreover, hash browns are fried in oil. Looking at these ingredients and cooking method, it is obvious that hash browns are not one of the most healthful foods for diabetics. However, a diabetic can still eat hash browns in moderate quantity and occasionally. You also need to be careful about condiments such as ketchup or mayonnaise that go with hash browns. Sometimes, we get carried away and each too much ketchup or mayonnaise with hash browns which can cause spikes in blood glucose levels. Some condiments are high in fat and salt too.

As hash browns are primarily made of potatoes, they have all nutrition that potatoes have. Potatoes are rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals. Thus, a diabetic can benefit from such nutrition by eating hash browns in moderate quantity. Eating too much hash browns can cause blood sugar spikes and other diabetic complications. You can learn more about if a diabetic can eat potato from this post.

Are hash browns healthful for diabetics?

Hash browns are in a way substitute for French fries. As you eat French fries with lunch or dinner, so you eat hash browns with breakfast. Hash browns are potato based and deep fried just like French fries. Being deep fried, hash browns are oily and may at times contain trans fats. The sugar from potatoes and oil from deep frying make hash browns not very healthful food for diabetics. However, eating hash browns in moderation is okay for your blood sugar levels. You can always monitor your blood sugar levels using a blood glucose monitor.

Are hash browns healthy to eat for breakfast?

The main problem with hash browns is the oil from deep frying and then the sugar from potatoes. While oil does not offer much health benefit, potatoes do provide you with fibre, minerals and vitamins. So, if you can manage to control the amount of oil that goes with your hash browns, you can benefit from nutrition from potatoes. Fibre can also help you to lose weight.

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