can a diabetic eat fried rice

Can a diabetic eat Fried rice?

Can a diabetic eat Fried rice?

Yes, a diabetic can eat fried rice with some careful options. Fried rice is popular for its flavour. When eating out or at home, fried rice is generally on the menu with many people. Diabetics may be apprehensive about carbohydrates in rice when eating fried rice. However, fried rice can be made more healthful by including better ingredients. For example, fried rice that is made from brown rice and vegetables is a healthful option.

Does eating fried rice raise blood sugar levels?

In general, eating white rice can cause blood sugar spikes. However, a diabetic can eat fried rice made from carefully chosen ingredients to prevent blood sugar spikes.

For example, experts say whole grain basmati rice has the lowest glycaemic index (GI) among all rice types. So, you can use brown rice or wholegrain basmati rice for your fried rice. This will make sure the rice will release energy slowly and thereby ensures blood sugar levels remain stable for longer. A diabetic can thus eat fried rice with more confidence on the nutrients included.

Does eating fried rice cause weight gain?

There are a few factors to look at when eating fried rice and thinking of weight gain. Rice on its own can cause weight gain when you eat rice too frequently in large quantities. White rice can cause more weight gain than brown rice. The simple reason is that white rice is more refined or processed and has higher glycaemic index than brown rice. This means when you eat white rice, it can lead to quick blood sugar spikes.

However, when we eat fried rice, there is oil or fat and some vegetables also involved. The presence of vegetables makes fried rice more nutritious than plain white rice. At the same time, fried rice usually contains more calories and fat than white rice. Hence, experts say eating fried rice frequently can add to the risk of cholesterol problems and cardiovascular diseases. Hence, choosing right type of oil to fry with is also vital.

Which oil is healthful for fried rice?

Experts say one must try to use oils that are low in saturated fats and high in monounsaturated fats. Such choice of oil can help lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and reduce risk of stroke or cardiovascular diseases. Using least amount of oil when preparing fried rice is also a good idea.

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