Can a diabetic eat Biryani?

Can a diabetic eat Biryani?

Can diabetic eat Biryani?

A diabetic can eat biryani in moderation. Biryani is a delicious complete meal. A biryani is made from basmati rice and vegetables cooked in oil or ghee with a variety of spices. Spices such as ginger, turmeric, green chilli, red chilli powder, cumin, coriander, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon etc. offer great health benefits for diabetics and others. Some people use cayenne pepper and black pepper also in biryani recipe. Generally coriander leaves are used as final garnish on a biryani.

However, as biryani contains large amounts of basmati rice and oil or ghee, a diabetic risk high blood sugar levels or weight gain. To avoid diabetes complications in the long run, a diabetic must eat biryani in moderation. Thus, biryani is among what a diabetic can eat in moderation with caution.

Does biryani lead to high blood sugar or cholesterol?

Yes, eating biryani very often can raise your blood sugar levels and cholesterol. As biryani is often made from basmati rice and lots of it, eating biryani can raise your blood sugar levels. Moreover, biryani is cooked with large amounts of oil, ghee or vanaspati. Thus, being high in fat, biryani can damage your cholesterol profile by raising cholesterol levels.

Is Biryani healthful or unhealthful?

The spices used in biryani offer many health benefits. For example, these spices help bile production in liver which helps fat digestion and excretion. Some of these spices prevent bloating and promote digestion which some prevent nausea. Spices used in biryani also play vital role in how well your body can absorb various nutrients.

However, biryani is also high in calories and can cause weight gain. These reasons mean many people consider biryani as unhealthy. You can make your biryani more healthful by avoiding meat and going for a vegetable biryani instead. A vegetable biryani generally includes a range of vegetables such as green beans, garden peas, cabbage, cauliflower, carrot etc. By eating a vegetable biryani you can get all the wonderful nutrients that these vegetables have to offer. Basmati rice in biryani is rich in complex carbohydrates and can be a great source of energy and help weight loss but too much rice can raise blood sugar levels. So, you need to keep the amount of rice low.

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