Can a diabetic eat Green peas?

Can a diabetic eat Green peas?

Can diabetic patient eat green peas?

Yes, a diabetic can eat green peas. Though green peas taste sweet and have carbohydrates and sugar, they can be helpful for a diabetic. Green peas are rich in fibre and protein. This means you will digest green peas slowly. This in turn prevents any spikes in blood sugar levels. Thus, one can say green peas help in managing blood sugar levels well and controlling diabetes. Green peas may have carbohydrates but they are great source of phytonutrients. Phytonutrients have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Green peas are low in fat and have zero cholesterol.

Many nutritionists say green peas are very healthful and offer great benefits.

Do green peas have high glycaemic index? Are green peas good for a diabetic to eat?

No, green peas have a low glycaemic index of 22 which means they do not cause blood sugar spikes. Another reason why they are good for a diabetic to eat.

Are green peas high in sugar?

Yes, green peas are high in sugar compared to other non-starchy vegetables. Despite this, experts say green peas are great to be part of diabetic meal plan.

Are green peas rich in Potassium?

Yes, green peas are rich in Potassium. For example, 100 gm of green peas contains 244 mg Potassium. Potassium plays vital role in regulating blood pressure. Thus, presence of Potassium makes green peas great for a diabetic meal plan.

Are green peas a good source of Vitamins?

Yes, green peas are rich in vitamin C and vitamin K-1.

Vitamin C leads to better production of Collagen. Collagen has few benefits to offer. For example, Collagen helps with skin health, keeps skin firm and glowing. Collagen also plays vital role in preventing cell damage by free radicals.

You can get almost half of your daily recommended amounts of vitamin K-1 from just one cup of green peas. Vitamin K-1 improves bone health and helps prevent excess bleeding by promoting blood clotting.

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