Can a diabetic eat Peanuts?

Can a diabetic eat Peanuts?

Can a diabetic eat Peanuts? Do peanuts raise blood sugar levels?

Peanuts have low glycaemic index (GI) of 14 and low glycaemic load (GL) of 1.  GI and GL indicate how quickly a food can raise blood sugar levels. This means eating peanuts will not cause any blood sugar spikes. Generally, foods that do not cause blood sugar spikes are great for a diabetic to eat. Hence, a diabetic can eat Peanuts.

Are peanuts good for diabetics?

Diabetics generally need foods that can provide great nutrients while having low sugar content. You will find just about 8 gm of carbs in 100 gm peanuts. Peanuts are not only low in carbs, sugar or glucose but are also known for great nutrients. Hence, peanuts make a great snack for diabetics.

Experts say adding peanuts or peanut butter to a diabetic meal plan can be beneficial. Though peanuts are not tree-nuts, they do provide with many similar benefits as walnuts, almonds etc.

Peanuts are also good for blood lipid levels and great source of protein.

Are dry roasted peanuts good for diabetics?

Yes, dry roasted peanuts are good for diabetics. Dry roasted or raw peanuts when they are not salted, do help a diabetic with blood sugar control while not causing weight gain and high blood pressure. If you find dry roasted peanuts tastier than raw peanuts, you can hence eat them. Avoiding added salt is a good idea.

Are honey roasted peanuts good for diabetics?

Honey roasted peanuts are tricky for diabetics. Peanuts on their own are good for diabetics but when it comes to honey, you need to watch the portion size. So, a diabetic can eat honey roasted peanuts only in small portions. Honey can help boost immunity but at the same time it can cause blood sugar spikes. So, you can munch on a small portion of honey roasted peanuts but never eat too many. It may be good idea to keep a check on your blood sugar levels when you eat honey roasted peanuts. A blood glucose meter can come min very handy to check your blood sugar levels at home.

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