Can a diabetic eat Grapes?

Can a diabetic eat grapes?

Grapes are one of the most easily available fruits and many people find grapes very tasty. If you are a diabetic and you like grapes, you might have thought ‘Can a diabetic eat grapes?’. The answer is yes a diabetic can eat grapes.

People with diabetes often are hesitant about eating fruits and grapes as fruits are sweet. It is true grapes are sweet but they are not very high in sugar or carbs. A cup of grapes only contain about 15 grams of carbs which is relatively low. So a diabetic can definitely eat grapes in reasonable portions as part of balanced diabetic diet.

Do grapes raise blood sugar levels?

Grapes do not raise blood sugar levels significantly when you eat them in small portions. Because of all the great nutrition that grapes have to offer, a diabetic will benefit from eating grapes as part of meal alongside other fruits. Lychee is another fruit which can benefit you a lot if you eat it in moderation.

Do grapes raise insulin levels?

Another good thing about grapes is that they do not tend to significantly increase insulin levels. As grapes have low insulin response rate, eating grapes may prevent insulin resistance.

Why can a diabetic eat grapes?

Grapes are high in anti-oxidants and low in glycemic index (GI) and glycemic load (GL). This means grapes do not raise your blood sugar significantly or quickly.

Eating whole grapes can get you some fiber from the skin which in turn helps in good metabolism. An improved metabolism means better health and overall well-being. So eating reasonable portions of grapes can help a diabetic feel better.

Grapes are also rich in water. Your body needs regular supply of water to function well. The high water content in grapes helps you get well hydrated and feel fresh.

Grapes are rich in potassium which helps maintain blood pressure levels. Thus grapes may help in prevention of heart attack and stroke.

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