Can a diabetic eat Coconut?

Can a diabetic eat Coconut?

Can a diabetic eat Coconut?

Yes, a diabetic can eat Coconut in any form. For example, coconut meat or flesh which is the white portion inside the fruit is edible in all forms. You can eat white coconut flesh when it is fresh or dried or even powdered as flour. Coconut meat is rich in fibre, fat and antioxidants. As a result, coconut offers great health benefits such as lower cholesterol levels and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Regular consumption of coconut also helps regulate blood sugar levels and blood pressure. Coconut diet also helps with weight loss and improved digestion.

Hence, a diabetic can eat coconut in moderate amounts to take advantage of all such health benefits. As coconut is high in calories and saturated fat, one must watch the portion size when eating coconut.

Is coconut flour healthful for a diabetic?

Yes, coconut flour can do a lot of good to a diabetic’s health. For example, coconut flour is low in carbohydrates than common flours such as wheat flour and corn flour. So, when a diabetic eats coconut flour instead of wheat flour or corn flour, blood sugar levels will not spike as much.

Is coconut high in sugar?

No, coconut is not high in sugar. For example, one cup of fresh coconut contains just about 5 gm sugar. However, many coconut products available in the market are highly sweetened. Such, addition of sugar while processing coconut can be harmful for diabetics. So, the best way to eat coconut is to buy raw fresh coconut, break it yourself and eat the white meat in any form you wish.

You may find this blood glucose meter handy to check your blood sugar levels if you are concerned about blood sugar levels.

Does coconut cause allergy?

Coconut is not classified as a nut. However, some people who are allergic to nuts are allergic to coconut too. So, if you are planning to eat coconut for the first time and are nervous about allergy, you need to speak to a medical professional. Symptoms of coconut allergy include skin rash or breathing difficulty.

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