Can a diabetic drink Cow's milk?

Can a diabetic drink Cow’s milk?

Can a diabetic drink Cow’s milk?

Yes, a diabetic can drink cow’s milk. Cow’s milk is rich in nutrition and many experts consider cow’s milk as wholesome. Cow’s milk is gives you a wide range of nutrition that can help improve health and sustain good health. However, just like any other food, moderation is the key. A diabetic can benefit from drinking moderate amounts of cow’ milk.

Does Cow’s milk raise blood sugar levels?

Yes, cow’s milk can raise blood sugar levels just a little. Cow’s milk contains Lactose, a natural sugar. For example, one cup of cow’s milk contains about 12 gm of lactose. Milk sugar is another name for lactose in milk. Lactose is present in raw cow’s milk as well as other forms of milk like ultra-filtered milk, evaporated milk. Lactose gives milk a slightly sweet taste and makes up for about 40% of cow’s milk calories. During digestion, lactase, an enzyme breaks down lactose into glucose and galactose.  

Is Cow’s milk nutritious?

Yes, Cow’s milk is very nutritious and good for health if a diabetic it drinks in moderation. To begin with, cow’s milk with no added sugar is a great source of carbohydrates that provide energy for your body to function. One cup of cow’s milk gives you about 12 gm carbohydrates. Cow’s milk is a great source of protein which is very important for good health. Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium are available in cow’s milk. These minerals play vital role in upkeep of good health. Cow’s milk also provides you with B vitamins and Iodine too. All such nutrients in cow’s milk support bone development, muscle function and helps lower blood pressure. Cow’s milk is known for its role in strengthening bones, reducing risk of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

What is the best time for a diabetic to drink Cow’s milk?

Experts believe that a diabetic can benefit most b drinking cow’s milk in the evening. If one drinks warm milk before bed, it helps in many ways including sound sleep. Among all drinks a diabetic can have, milk is the best bed time drink.

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