Can a diabetic eat Biscuits?

Can a diabetic eat Biscuits?

Can a diabetic eat Biscuits?

Biscuits are generally made from refined flour, butter and sugar. It is obvious all three main ingredients of biscuits are not good for a diabetic. Refined flour has high glycaemic index (GI) and so can cause quick blood sugar spikes. Diabetics cannot eat too much butter as butter can cause weight gain. Biscuits are also high in calories which is another factor for weight gain. Sugar can seriously raise blood sugar levels. Moreover, people tend to dunk biscuits in tea with added sugar which can add to the risk of raised blood sugar levels. As a result, experts say a diabetic can eat biscuits only in moderation and that too on rare occasions just to satisfy cravings.

Moreover, it is a good idea for a diabetic to monitor blood sugar levels before and after eating biscuits. Thus you can understand how badly biscuits raise your blood sugar levels. I find a blood glucose meter handy to monitor my blood sugar levels.

Do biscuits raise blood sugar levels?

Yes, biscuits can quickly raise blood sugar levels. Refined flour and sugar are abundant in biscuits that can lead to quick spikes in blood sugar levels. Moreover, if you are having a nice cup of tea with added sugar at the same time, your sugar levels may be raised even quicker and higher.

Do biscuits cause weight gain?

Yes, biscuits can cause weight gain. Biscuits are high in calories, butter and highly refined flour. All these can lead to weight gain. Biscuits also generally have no fibre or whole flour, which is bad for body weight.

Are there any benefits for a diabetic from eating biscuits?

It is not hard to say whether benefits outweigh risks of eating diabetics. There are some small benefits from eating biscuits. For example, biscuits can be a source of quick energy as they are high in carbohydrates. And, if biscuits are made of whole wheat or oats, you may also get some dietary fibre and vitamin B from such biscuits.

Other than these there are not many benefits for a diabetic from eating benefits. Moreover, the risk of blood sugar spikes, weight gain and other diabetic complications is significantly higher than these tiny benefits. So, a diabetic would always be cautious about eating biscuits.

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