Can a diabetic eat Digestives?

Can a diabetic eat Digestives?

Can a diabetic eat digestives?

Digestives are an extremely popular tea-time snack in many households. However, digestives may not be the best bite a diabetic can go for. A digestive comes with at least 50 calories which is not a good thing for a diabetic. So, experts say a diabetic can eat digestives but in strict moderation. It is a good idea to keep checking your blood sugar levels to figure how digestives affect your blood sugar levels. I normally check my blood sugar levels at home using this blood glucose meter.

The bottom line is generally these tasty treats called digestives are not harmful if you eat them in moderation.

Are digestives high in sugar?

Typically, digestives contain about 15 gm sugar per 100 gm. This is not such good news for a diabetic. However, there are some digestives sold as sugar free. Furthermore, some digestives are sold as with no added sugar. So, if you are keen to gulp down a digestive with your tea, it is a good idea to read the label well.

Do digestives make you fat?

Yes, to some extent digestives can lead to weight gain. As each digestive comes with at least 50 calories, they will add to yoru body weight.

What do digestives contain?

Digestives typically contain some type of flour, fat, salt and sugar etc. Various manufacturers use different ingredients and try to make attractive claims on the packet. You may have to go thru the labels to pick up the ones that you may want to eat.

For example, some claim to be rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals and proteins. That may be true, but you may want to read the full label to figure out what else comes with those digestives. Some, on the other hand are sold as digestives with fibre, digestives with no sugar, whole grain digestives etc. The bottom line however is that you must read the full list of ingredients.

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