Can a diabetic eat Raisins?

Can a diabetic eat Raisins?

A diabetic can indeed eat raisins. However, raisins, like other fruits do contain some amount of natural sugar. This means, raisins do bring in some sugar into your body. What vitamins are in raisins? Raisins give you some Zinc, potassium, antioxidants, vitamin C, selenium etc. Raisins have low glycaemic index (GI). This means eating raisins does not raise blood sugar levels sharply. The natural sugar present in raisins does not really cause serious spikes in your blood sugar levels. On the other hand, the great nutrients in raisins can be beneficial for you.

Can I eat raisins with type 2 diabetes?

Based on the above we can say a diabetic can safely eat raisins. The only catch is that you should watch the quantity of raisins you consume in a day. If a diabetic eats raisins in moderate quantity on a daily basis, one can see many benefits. Just like other nutritious fruits like lychee, jackfruit etc. raisins also offer great health benefits if you eat them in moderation.

Why are raisins good for a you?

Often diabetics wonder if they can raisins. Why can a diabetic eat raisins? Are raisins good for you if you are a diabetic? ‘Yes’ say the experts. Raisins can have multiple positive effects on a diabetic’s health. For example, raisins can improve cardiac health and reduce the risk of diabetic complications. Raisins also help a diabetic in regulating blood sugar levels and blood pressure. Raisins also have a beneficial effect on the biochemistry of blood vessels. When you eat raisins, your blood vessels tend to become less stiff. This means more regulated blood pressure. Raisins also improve the skin health. As diabetics generally have a problem with skin, raisins can help.

So, if you ask Are Raisins good for your heart? The answer is yes raisins improve your heart health. Moreover, are Raisins good for high blood pressure? Yes, potassium in raisins means raisins can help regulate your blood pressure. So, a diabetic can eat raisins, sultanas, currants etc. Raisins make a great snack for diabetics.

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