Can a diabetic eat Yogurt?

Can a diabetic eat Yogurt?

Can a diabetic eat yogurt?

A diabetic can certainly eat some yogurt. Yogurt makes an excellent snack or part of a healthful breakfast. In general, yogurt provides you with good amount vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium and vitamin D. Yogurt is also a good source of protein and low in carbohydrates. Eating unsweetened yogurt is great way for a diabetic to get some instant energy without blood sugar spikes.

What kind of yogurt can a diabetic eat?

A yogurt that provides great nutrition while not causing blood sugar spikes is great for a diabetic to eat. An example is unsweetened Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt with no added sugar contains twice the amount of protein and only half the carbs than plain yogurt. Similarly, probiotic yogurt can benefit diabetics as it helps reduce inflammation.

On the other hand, Greek yogurt made from whole milk can contain thrice the amount of fat than plain yogurt. So, you may want to choose low fat versions of yogurt if you are concerned about fat. To learn more about what a diabetic can eat, please visit our post here.

Can a diabetic eat yogurt ice cream?

Experts say it may not be a good idea for a diabetic to eat too much of yogurt ice cream. Generally, frozen yogurt contains more sugar or carbohydrates than a normal ice cream. Sometimes, manufacturers add extra sugar to make up for flavour and texture too.

What are benefits of eating yogurt?

To begin with yogurt is a nutritious food and its filling. Yogurt provides a soothing effect for a hungry stomach. You can get good amount of calcium, potassium and vitamin D. Yogurt is also rich in protein.

Regular consumption of yogurt leads to enhanced gut bacteria, aid digestion and reduces irritable bowel syndrome. Calcium, fibre, vitamin D and probiotics in yogurt can have multiple beneficial effects on colon. Experts say yogurt can help protect you from polyps or tumours in colon and even lower colon cancer risk.

Some experts say yogurt in diet can help protect from osteoporosis.

Lactic acid present in yogurt helps you look younger by delaying wrinkles etc. Some people apply yogurt-based products directly on skin to delay signs of aging.

Yogurt has anti-inflammatory effect. So, a regular yogurt-based diet can help treat inflammation. This can be great for diabetics who suffer from chronic pain.

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