Can a diabetic eat Ice cream?

Can a diabetic eat Ice cream?

Can a diabetic eat ice cream?

A diabetic can eat ice cream in moderation. A diabetic can only eat ice cream rarely as they all have high sugar. As most ice creams are high in sugar, they cause blood sugar spikes. So, a diabetic must monitor blood sugar levels after eating ice cream. This will help establish how sharp and high blood sugar levels rise after eating ice cream.

You may need a blood glucose monitor like this one to check your blood sugar levels. Checking blood sugar levels at home is a common practice among people with diabetes.

Another tip is to eat ice cream in the start of your meal rather than the end. Eating ice cream before your appetiser and main course will cause smaller spikes in blood sugar levels.

What happens when you eat ice cream?

When a diabetic eats ice cream, blood sugar levels rise. How sharp and quick the blood sugar levels rise depends on many factors. These factors include the amount and type of sugar in the ice cream, GI and GL of the complete meal and the health of the diabetic patient. Another interesting observation is that when a person eats anything sweet, the brain develops cravings for more sugary food. So, a diabetic must have strong will power to control the amount of ice cream they eat in a meal or in a day.

Why is ice cream good for you?

Milk is abundantly present in ice cream. So, ice cream can give you range of nutrients. Riboflavin and some vitamins like vitamin D and vitamin A are available in ice cream. Minerals like calcium and phosphorous are also in ice cream. Moreover, ingredients added for flavour will bring in more nutrients. Ice cream also provides you with more energy than similar quantity of milk. So, in times when you are in need of quick energy boost, ice cream can help.

However, this has downside too. More energy means more calories. More calories can be harmful for body weight. So, the deal is that a diabetic should always be wary of the amount of ice cream.

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