Diabetic breakfast recipes you can eat and not worry about blood sugar

Diabetic Breakfast Recipes are very valuable for a diabetic or someone who cares for a diabetic. Cooking a diabetic breakfast can sometimes be tricky but the below can help make it easy. I cook complete diabetic meals with the help of this great diabetic recipes book.

What can a diabetic eat for breakfast? 

Diabetics can eat moderate portions of breakfast. Huge portions are a simple no-no for diabetics. So, the first thing to keep in mind when preparing any diabetic meals is the portion sizes.

It is important to include diabetes friendly foods like whole grains, beans and low-sugar vegetables etc. in the recipes for diabetics. One must avoid high fat and high sugar foods in diabetic breakfast recipes.

The way you cook a breakfast for diabetics is also important and it is best to cook on non-stick pans that need very less fat. You may find special biscuits made from this great for diabetic breakfast.

When you include diary products in any diabetic breakfast recipes, you must make sure they are of low fat. The same rule applies for all diary products like butter, milk, yogurt, and cheese.

If you drink coffee as part of your breakfast it is always wise to keep it sugar free and low fat milk.

Ideas for diabetic breakfast recipes

The below can be some useful ideas for diabetic breakfast recipes.

  • Breakfast Shake can be prepared by blending in one cup of fat free milk or plain non-fat yogurt with fruits like strawberry, banana, black berries or blue berries. You can also add some nuts and ice to make it filling and healthy.
  • A Muffin made of a high fibre substance such as bran is very healthy for diabetics. You can add some berries on the side and a dollop of low-fat yogurt to make it more interesting.
  • A Whole-Grain Cereal is another one of great diabetic breakfast recipes.  A small bowl of cereal such as wheat or bran or even oatmeal can be a great breakfast when topped with diabetic friendly fruits and skimmed milk.
  • Bagels are pretty heavy in carbs but bagel thins can be a good idea for breakfast. You can use some almond butter to smooth it a bit.
  • Another wonderful breakfast recipe is some almonds and fruits all taken raw and whole with no added sugar. They are very tasty and nutritious so can make a great breakfast for a diabetic.
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