Can a diabetic eat Cumin?

Can a diabetic eat Cumin?

Can a diabetic eat Cumin?

Yes, a diabetic can eat cumin. For a diabetic, the most interesting fact is that cumin helps regulate blood sugar levels. Cumin stimulates insulin production which in turn helps regulate blood sugar levels. If your blood sugar levels are running high, adding cumin to your diet can lower your blood sugar levels. If you are suspicious that some food can cause high blood sugar levels, you can add some cumin to that recipe and it may help.

How can diabetics eat cumin?

A diabetic can eat cumin seeds as whole or powder the seeds before consumption. Toasting cumin seeds brings up more of the nutty flavour and makes it more aromatic. Many people use cumin seeds or powder in their recipes. Cumin is popularly used in curry powders and other spice blends. However, cumin water is also popular. To make cumin water, you can either soak cumin in water for few hours or add cumin powder to water. Many people start their day with a drink of cumin water. Cumin water can help improve digestion, metabolism and makes you feel lot better.

What are the benefits of eating cumin?

Firstly, cumin adds a lot of great flavour to your food and so is a vital ingredient in many savoury dishes. Cumin is rich in antioxidant which is great for a diabetic. For diabetics, regular consumption of cumin can help with insulin resistance. Cumin seeds, cumin powder and cumin water offer many health benefits to diabetics and others. Owing to such wide range of benefits, many diabetics include cumin in their daily recipes.

Regulates blood sugar

Experts consider cumin as a natural remedy that can help regulate blood sugar levels and cholesterol. Cumin also helps deal with hypertension by regulating blood pressure.

Improves digestion

Cumin is high in dietary fibre and has the great property of stimulating secretion of digestive enzymes that improve your digestion. Experts say cumin can help deal with many tummy problems including acidity, bloating, indigestion and piles etc. By stimulating activity of gastrointestinal tract, cumin can act as natural laxative and relieve you of constipation.

Promotes weight loss

Cumin helps remove fat from your body gradually and thus helps with weight loss. Having a reasonable body weight is important for diabetics and cumin help achieve just that. So, if you want to shed some body weight or trim that tummy, then you may want to add cumin to your diet.

More benefits

Cumin has anti-inflammatory and anti-septic effect on you. Adding cumin to your regular diet is a great way to reduce pains and other conditions that arise from inflammation. Cumin slows down cancer cell multiplication.

Cumin helps deal with problems caused by microbes and bacteria. With excellent antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, cumin can reduce the risk from bacteria and microbes. Being high in vitamin C, cumin helps boost immunity and keep many infections at bay.

Cumin increases immunity to cold and cough. For people who produce phlegm after eating, cumin can help reduce the phlegm.

Cumin is high in many nutrients, vitamins and minerals such as niacin, zeaxanthin, vitamin B6, riboflavin etc. These make cumin great for improved brain function and mental health. Cumin also makes your memory better by nourishing the brain cells.

Melatonin is abundant in cumin and it helps you sleep well. So, for someone suffering from insomnia, cumin can be a great natural remedy to improve sleep.

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