Diabetic drinks that you can drink with every meal!

Diabetic drinks are those drinks that doctors consider to be okay for diabetics to drink.

The topic of all drinks like soda, fruit juices, alcohol etc. for diabetics is debatable just like diabetic diet.

Are any diabetic drinks good for health?

Some drinks are good and others are not so good for diabetics. This is because some drinks are high in sugar and lead to higher blood sugar levels or other complications in diabetics. For example, limited amounts of carrot juice, coconut water etc. are good for diabetics.

There have been many researches on what drinks are good for diabetics.

These researches try to establish if some common drinks like milk, tea, coffee, fruit juice etc. are good for diabetics. If these researches establish a drink as good for diabetics then that drink can be on a diabetic meal plan.

Drinks that can be part of diabetic diet or diabetic drinks are generally low in calories, salt, sugar and fat.

When you plan to buy ‘diabetic drinks’ from  supermarket, it is important that you read the labels well.

You should never buy drinks with added sugar for a diabetic.


Water is a magic drink with zero calories. The one drink that does not cause any harm at all to diabetics is water.

Water is thus part of every Diabetic Meal Plan.  Water is natural and it’s a great drink that makes you feel refreshed in an instant.

Researches say that people who drink less water have high blood sugar levels.

This is because when a person is dehydrated, our bodies produce more of a hormone called vasopressin to regulate hydration by preventing water loss from body. Increased levels of vasopressin prompt the liver to produce more blood sugar than usual.

Thus dehydration leads to high blood sugar.

Doctors say that an average person must consume around 6 to 9 glasses of water every day to keep well hydrated. This should be part of every diabetic food plan.

You can make great fruit juices with water and some of the Best Fruits for Diabetics. This makes Diabetic Diet more appealing.


Milk is natural, very nutritious and another great drink for diabetics.

You may consume Milk on its own or as diabetic milk shakes.

Cow’s milk gives you lot of nutrition such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin D etc. These are all essential for your well-being.

Some researchers found that milk can also support your body in fighting diabetes and obesity.

But it is important to avoid whole milk and stick to low fat milk only that too in limited quantities.

You can add any Best Fruits for Diabetics to milk for diabetic milk shakes. A good diabetic food plan includes tasty milk shakes. This makes Diabetic Meal Plan more interesting.


Special Tea such as green or black tea are great for diabetics.

Apparently tea has no calories but plenty of antioxidants. This makes tea great for diabetics.

This is because some researchers found that some types of tea also reduce your risk of stroke or heart disease. People believe on average 4 to 5 cups of tea is good.

It is a good idea to end diabetic dinners with a nice cup of tea.


Can diabetics drink alcohol? Is alcohol one of diabetic drinks?

This is a bit controversial subject. Some medical experts say any amount of alcohol is not good for diabetics. But, some others say moderate amount of alcohol is good for health.

To know the exact answer for your case, please see your doctor and ask can diabetics drink alcohol.

What are the best alcoholic drinks for diabetics? Light alcoholic drinks with minimum sugar are the best alcoholic drinks for diabetics.

Most diabetic dinners include these in the menu for the guests.

Health Benefits | Diabetic Drinks

Diabetic drinks are in high demand these days.

As a result, Many supermarkets are being very creative and developing great tasting diabetic drinks. In some cases even non diabetics are very keen on these diabetic drinks.

Nutritionists say that home made diabetic drinks are lot healthier than factory made drinks. You may make diabetic drinks at home from organic fruits, water and organic milk.

Such drinks offer great health benefits. Organic fruits and organic milk contain fewer toxins and are good for diabetics.

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