Can a diabetic drink Carrot juice?

Can a diabetic drink Carrot juice?

Can a diabetic drink Carrot juice?

Yes, a diabetic can drink carrot juice. Carrots are nutritious and hence can promote well-being. Diabetics are generally nervous about spikes in blood sugar levels after eating carrots or drinking carrot juice. It is true that carrots are high in sugar and so is carrot juice. But all the sugar available in carrot juice is natural sugar. Natural sugar in carrot juice may not cause blood sugar spikes or serious diabetic complications. On the other hand, some studies found that carrot juice can in fact help regulate blood sugar levels.

You may need a juice maker like this one to make carrot juice at home. Home made fresh carrot juice is lot more healthful than store bought carrot juice. With a good juicer in your kitchen, you can make many diabetic drinks easily.

Is carrot juice high in sugar?

Yes, carrot juice contains sugar. For example, one cup fresh carrot juice 9gm sugar which appears high. However, the natural sugar is not harmful for your blood sugar levels or diabetes. However, if you buy factory made carrot juice, it may come with added sugar, sodium and preservatives. Such additives can cause more harm than good for your overall health. Hence, I would always drink the freshly made carrot juice at home. I find this juice extractor very handy to make carrot juice at home.

Which is better – eating raw carrot or drinking carrot juice?

One cup of fresh carrot juice contains about 2 gm fibre and 9 gm sugar. On the other hand, one cup cubed fresh raw carrot contains about 3.5 gm fibre and 6 gm sugar. Looking at these, obviously eating raw carrot is more healthful. However, drinking carrot juice is also fine as it does not cause any serious harm. If you find it especially easier to drink fresh carrot juice than eat raw carrot, you may go for it.

Can a diabetic drink carrot juice daily?

Experts say diabetics can include carrots in daily diabetic meal plan as carrots help regulate blood sugar levels. Carrot juice freshly made at home is a good drink for a diabetic because of high nutrition. Eating raw carrots or drinking fresh carrot juice does not generally cause blood sugar spikes. However, you may want to check your blood sugar levels before and after drinking carrot juice to be sure how carrot juice affects your blood sugar levels. You may need a blood glucose monitor like this one to check your blood sugar levels at home.

A diabetic can drink carrot juice daily for all its nutritional and health benefits. However, moderation is the key. Drinking too much carrot juice is not a good idea. Drinking moderate amounts of carrot juice can give you antioxidants and boost yoru immunity. Such antioxidants also help prevent free radical damage and fight inflammation.

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