What can Diabetics eat?

What can Diabetics eat?

What can Diabetics eat is a million dollar question. Some people literally think diabetics cannot eat anything tasty but some special dry and tasteless foods.

That is just not true. On the other hand, diabetics can eat everything but in the right quantities and cooked in the right way.

People with diabetes can eat fruits, vegetables, diary products, dry fruits, fats, sweets, drinks etc. But they just have to make sure their diet is rich in nutrition and low in fat, salt and sugar.

By following such advice, diabetics can keep their health in control and make sure diabetes does not damage their vital parts much.


In reality, eating any amount of carbs can raise your blood sugar levels. But this does not mean you avoid carbs completely. You just need to choose carbs very cleverly.

Diabetics must eat food that is generally low in carbs. Even if diabetic diet has some carbs, it is wise to chose carbs that get released slowly.

Eating slow releasing carbs makes you feel energetic for longer without raising blood sugar levels rapidly.

The best carbs that a diabetic can eat is natural and whole grain sources of starch.

These include grains and bread that is made from whole grains, brown rice etc.

As the whole grain food releases carbs slowly, your blood sugar levels do not shoot up as quickly.

Sugar | What can Diabetics eat?

Sugar is another food that all diabetics are really scared of. Actually sugar is a part of what can diabetics eat. Diabetics need not avoid sugar altogether. A diabetic can eat a bit of a sugar now and then but in small quantities. It is a good idea to reduce the amount of sugar in your diet gradually rather than stopping it suddenly. This makes your life easier to manage.

Fat | What can Diabetics eat?

As diabetics are at higher risk of heart disease, so they must cut down on fats. As all fats are high in calories and make you heavier, it is true. So diabetics must eat as low fat as possible.

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