Best diabetic Diet | What can a Diabetic eat to keep sugar level low?

Best Diabetic Diet 

Best diabetic Diet consists of balanced meals few times a day in smaller portions.

What a diabetic can eat includes starches, vegetables, fruits, protein, dairy, fats, oil, sweets, and drinks etc.  

The only point is that in a diabetic meal, the amount of sugar, salt, fat etc. must be low.

Thus diabetics can eat all varieties of nutritious food to make sure their diet remains very balanced in various nutrients. The only catch is that diabetic diet must be low in sugar, salt and fat.

So be assured that there is not a category of food a diabetic needs to avoid completely. It is just that a diabetic can make healthy choices from every category of food that anyone can eat.

The below list gives you some of the main categories of food and what can a diabetic eat from each of such food categories.


Starches or Carbs are essential for every one. Carbs are the source of energy for us.

Diabetics can eat starches as long as they chose wisely.

Great choices of starches for diabetics include whole grains like brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa, millet, amaranth etc.

Baked sweet potato or any type of bread or cake made with whole grains with as less sugar as possible are good for diabetics.


Vegetables are essential source of fibre and other nutrition for us.

Fresh vegetables are great as they contain very little fat or salt or sugar.

Some examples of vegetables that are most suitable for diabetics are spinach, kale, arugula etc.

Diabetics can eat vegetables raw, lightly steamed, roasted or grilled.

Instead of eating single vegetable, diabetics must eat variety of vegetables of different colours.

Diabetics can benefit a lot if they include vegetables with different colours in their diet.


Fruits are another source of great fibre, carbs, vitamins and minerals for us.

Fresh Fruits are low in fat and sodium. So they are suitable for diabetics and people wanting to lose weight.

Best diabetic diet includes fruits in many colors, shapes and forms.

Diabetics can also eat sugar-free or low-sugar jams or preserves or apple sauce with no added sugar.

The only caution for diabetics in eating fruits is that they have to keep the portions smaller.


Protein is very important for building muscle and repairing body cells.

Best protein sources for diabetics are plant based protein such as beans, nuts, seeds etc.

Diabetics can also eat other protein rich foods like fish, other sea food and low fat diary. 

Dairy products

Dairy products are also good for diabetics.

But diabetics can only consume low fat diary products in small portions.

Examples of diary food good for diabetics include skimmed milk, low fat yogurt, low fat cottage cheese, low fat sour cream etc.

Other diabetic diet

Fats, Oils, and Sweets etc. are very attractive and tempting to eat. But diabetics must eat fats, oils and sweets in small quantities only.

Diabetics can eat nuts, seeds, small avocados. These are great natural sources of fats and antioxidants.

People with diabetes can also enjoy plant based oils such as canola, grapeseed oil or olive oil.

All these are part of best diabetic diet. 

Diabetic drinks

Drinks are another thing diabetics find very tricky to choose.

Drinks are generally very high in sugar, salt etc. So diabetics must be more careful in choosing drinks.

The best drinks for diabetics are plain water, or sparkling water and tea or coffee without sugar.

Some diabetics also enjoy light beer, small glass of wine and coffee with low fat milk etc.

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