Can a diabetic eat Arugula?

Can a diabetic eat Arugula?

Can a diabetic eat Arugula or Salad rocket?

Yes, a diabetic can eat arugula also popularly known as salad rocket. Arugula is a green leafy vegetable that is high in essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Eating arugula does not raise your blood sugar levels. So, diabetics will not see any adverse effects upon eating arugula. Salad rocket is low in fats and calories.

Arugula or salad rocket or roquette or rucola is a popular ingredient of salads as the name suggests. Studies have proved that eating arugula can help regulate blood sugar levels and blood pressure. Other leafy greens for diabetics include spinach, cress, watercress, coriander leaves, fenugreek leaves, curry leaves, mint leaves etc. Even mango leaves, guava leaves etc. are great home remedies for diabetics.

Is arugula high in sugar or carbohydrates?

No, arugula or salad rocket is not high in carbohydrates or sugar. Arugula is also low in sugar, calories, fat and carbohydrates but high in many vital nutrients, dietary fibre and phytochemicals. For example, one cup or about 20 gm arugula contains just about 1 to 2 gm carbohydrates. One cup arugula also contains about 5 calories, 0.5 gm protein and 0.1 gm fat.

What are the benefits of eating arugula or salad rocket?

  • Arugula helps control high blood pressure. Studies have proved that arugula can help in fighting hypertension or high blood pressure. Experts say beverage made from arugula can raise levels of heart healthy nitrates and nitrites in your blood. This in turn helps lower systolic blood pressure.
  • Arugula improves heart health. There are many ways in which eating arugula improves your heart health. For example, arugula regulates cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels to begin with. Moreover, eating rocket salad reduces triglycerides and lowers blood pressure. These factors in turn improve heart health. Arugula is high in calcium and magnesium which helps dilate blood vessels and reduce blood pressure.
  • Salad rocket improves eye health. Arugula is high in beta-carotene, vitamin A, Lutein and Zeaxanthin etc. All these nutrients protect your eye health.
  • Arugula helps fight diabetes and prevents diabetic complications. Eating arugula as part of diabetic meals can stimulate glucose absorption by cells. Arugula is also high in dietary fibre which helps regulate blood sugar levels and fight insulin resistance.
  • Salad rocket can help improve your hair health. Arugula and other leafy greens are rich in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll helps hair growth and also produces melanin that helps delay grey hair.

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