Foods to avoid with Diabetes | Why food high in salt, sugar, fat is bad?

Foods to avoid with Diabetes are those foods that are high in sugar, salt and fat or low in fibre, nutrition and vitamins. A diabetic can eat foods high in protein and fibre but low in salt, sugar, fat and calories.

  • Sugar in any form is not good for diabetics. Foods high in sugar cause sudden spikes in blood sugar and also impact long term well-being of a diabetic patient. So they are foods to avoid with diabetes.
  • Fat makes you gain weight. Foods high in fat lead to excessive body weight which in turn causes further health risks such as hypertension and stroke. Thus foods high in fat are also foods to avoid with diabetes.
  • Foods high in salt have a direct and significant adverse impact on blood pressure of a person which is a major threat to well-being of a person. Hence foods high in salt are foods diabetics should not eat.

The below are common foods that are part of ‘Foods to avoid with Diabetes’:

Foods to avoid with Diabetes!


Everyone’s favourite take away ‘pizza’ is made mostly from white flour, cheese and various sauces and accompanied by various condiments.

White flour is starch or sugar and is not good for diabetics as it is not whole food. Cheese is fat and leads to weight gain and other metabolic problems. Sauces have plenty of added sugar and salt.

All these ingredients are harmful for diabetics.

So pizza is one of the foods diabetics should avoid and cannot be included in a Diabetic Diet.


Burgers are another one of the Foods to avoid with Diabetes due to the reason they are usually deep fried and come with mayonnaise, additives and sauces.

Deep frying makes burgers high in fat and poor in nutrition. Sauces bring in too much salt and sugar.

So burgers are one of the Foods to avoid with Diabetes. Burgers are a poor choice for Diabetic Diet.


Generally foods such as pizza, burger, French fries etc. are eaten with a wide range of condiments. Some condiments such as vinegar may be good for diabetics. But, other condiments such as ketchup or mayonnaise are high in salt, sugar and fat. Hence such condiments must be listed under foods to avoid with diabetes.

Soft Drinks

Soft drinks are very high in sugar which is very dangerous for diabetics. For this reason soft drinks are one of foods diabetics should avoid. Diabetics must replace all soft sugary drinks with plain water to improve their health and metabolism.

Water is a great food for diabetic person and so must be included in every Diabetic Meal Plan. Everyone should drink 6-8 glasses of water every day for good health.

French fries

French fries are made from potato and deep fried. They are generally sprinkled with salt. This makes them high in carbohydrates, fat and salt. Eating too many french fries can raise blood sugar levels. Diabetics eating too many french fries may also experience weight gain and high blood pressure. For these reasons diabetics must control the portion size of french fries.


Donuts are high in refined carbohydrates and sugar. Moreover, donuts are deep fried. Being high in sugar and fat, donuts are not a diabetic friendly food. A diabetic must be watching portion size when eating donuts. It is a good idea to avoid eating donuts if you have diabetes. But if you really crave for a donut, please keep the portion size small.

Foods diabetics can eat

Foods diabetics can eat are generally low in sugar, salt and fat but high in nutrition, fibre and vitamins.

Thus, Fresh fruits and fresh vegetables are great examples of food for diabetic person.

You can replace all foods diabetics should not eat with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Diabetics must always be wary of foods to avoid with diabetes and never include them in a diabetic meal plan. Please consult your doctor or nutritionist for a detailed list what diabetic scan eat and what not.

Breakfast for Diabetics is the most important meal as they do not eat all night. A Breakfast for Diabetics must be high in protein and other nutrition and low in foods to avoid with diabetes. A diabetic should never skip a breakfast.

Also, it is important to note that it is not practically possible or good to completely stay away from foods to avoid with diabetes. In such cases, one needs to keep portion size of foods to avoid with diabetes to small. Also, if you are in any doubt about eating foods to avoid with diabetes, you can always monitor your blood sugar levels before and after eating such foods. You may need a blood glucose monitor such as this one to monitor blood sugar levels at home.

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