Can a diabetic eat Apple pie?

Can a diabetic eat Apple pie?

Can a diabetic eat Apple pie?

A diabetic can eat Apple pie in small portions. Apple is nutritious and may not cause serious spikes in blood sugar levels. Eating apple may do some good to a diabetic. However, pie or pastry contains butter and refined flour. The buttery crust can be harmful for a diabetic. Apple is safe to eat for a diabetic, but apple pie can be different. Hence, a diabetic must keep portion size small when eating apple pie.

Is apple pie nutritious?

Apple pie is a combination of good and bad. Apple is good but the crust or pastry is bad. So, apple in apple pie is nutritious but the pastry in apple pie is not. For example, one serving of apple pie contains about 350 calories. These are made from about 62 gm carbohydrates, 30gm sugar, 15 gm added sugar, 10 gm fat, 10 gm fat, 4 gm protein and 5gm fibre. A serving of apple pie will contain Few mg of sodium and potassium.

Apple in the apple pie can five you some antioxidants, vitamins and fibre along with few carbohydrates or sugars. However, apple pie normally gets a double crust which adds up calories, fat, sugar and other things.

So, if you ask is Apple Pie healthful, that’s a tricky one. The best thing to do is keep portion size small. Moreover, it is a good idea to check your blood sugar levels before and after eating apple pie. This will help you in understanding how apple pie affects your blood sugar levels. I find this blood glucose meter handy to measure my blood sugar levels at home.

Where does apple pie originate from?

Apparently, apple pie originates from England with influence from France, the Netherlands and the Ottoman empire. They say apple pie was born in 14th century.

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