Can a diabetic eat Muesli?

Can a diabetic eat Muesli?

Can a diabetic eat Muesli?

In general, a diabetic can eat muesli. However, one needs to check the label before buying and try and avoid adding sugar or sweetener while eating. A diabetic can eat muesli as breakfast few days in a week. The great nutrition in muesli can help improve health and immunity.

Is muesli nutritious?

Muesli is one of the most popular breakfast cereals widely available world-wide. Muesli was invented by Dr. Bircher-Benner during early 20th century. With origin in Switzerland, muesli traditionally contains rolled oats, dried fruits, seeds and nuts etc. In modern days, other grains such as wheat, rye or cornflakes are being used instead of oats to make muesli.

Oats and other grains used in muesli are nutritious on their own being rich in protein, fibre etc. Muesli offers even better nutrition as oats combined with other super ingredients such as dried fruits, nuts and seeds make it super cereal.

Does muesli raise blood sugar levels?

No, muesli does not generally raise your blood sugar levels. However, you must pay attention to the label when buying any cereals including muesli. It is a good idea to buy muesli that comes with no added salt or sugar. Added salt or sugar can be harmful for a diabetic’s health. You can enjoy a bowl of muesli with milk or sugar and few fresh fruit slices for breakfast. This will not cause problems with your blood sugar levels.  

What are the benefits of eating muesli?

Muesli offers many health benefits due to rich nutrition it contains. For example, oats in muesli come with oat bran or fibre called beta-glucan. Beta-glucan helps regulate cholesterol levels and so improves cardiac health. This is a big benefit for diabetics as they are more prone to heart problems. Moreover, muesli has zero cholesterol.

As muesli is low in sugar, calories and high in fibre, it helps weight loss. Many diabetics struggle with body weight and are always looking for ways to lose some weight. Including muesli in diabetic diet plan is a good way to lose weight.

Last but not least, high fibre and protein in muesli can help regulate blood sugar levels and fight diabetes complications.

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