Can a diabetic eat Kidney beans?

Can a diabetic eat Kidney beans?

Can a diabetic eat Kidney beans or Rajma?

Yes, a diabetic can eat kidney beans. Kidney beans are rich in dietary fibre and great source of protein. Moreover, kidney beans have a low glycaemic index (GI) which means eating kidney beans does not raise blood sugar levels sharply. Kidney beans can thus help regulate blood sugar levels. So, loaded with slow releasing carbohydrates, kidney beans make a great meal for diabetics.

Does eating kidney beans raise blood sugar levels?

No, eating kidney beans or rajma (as known in India) does not raise blood sugar levels. Kidney beans are mostly made up of protein, fibre and carbohydrates. However, the type of carbohydrates in kidney beans gets digested slowly and releases glucose gradually into blood. This means eating kidney beans does not raise blood sugar levels. Moreover, many studies have found that eating kidney beans helps regulate blood sugar levels and blood cholesterol levels. This makes kidney beans one of the best sources of protein for diabetics. In fact a diabetic can eat beans of all types without fear of blood sugar level spikes or diabetic complications.

What is the best way to cook kidney beans?

There are many ways people can cook kidney beans. However, the most popular way to cook kidney beans starts with rinsing kidney beans and then soaking them in water over night. The next step is to boil the kidney beans in a pressure cooker. Once the kidney beans are well boiled and soft, they are good for eating. One can use kidney beans boiled like this in any recipe.

Are kidney beans healthful?

Yes, kidney beans are very healthful for anyone including diabetics. Kidney beans are one of the best plant-based protein. They are high in essential nutrients. For example, kidney beans can give you various minerals, dietary fibre, antioxidants, protein etc. Some benefits that kidney beans can offer include better colon health, weight loss, regulate blood sugar levels and regulated cholesterol levels.

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