Can a diabetic eat Guava?

Can a diabetic eat Guava?

Can a diabetic eat Guava?

A diabetic can eat guava as it helps regulate blood sugar levels. Apart from regulating blood sugar levels, guava offers great nutrients for your well-being. Guava is high in fibre, vitamin A and vitamin C etc. Apparently, guava has double the amount of vitamin C than an orange. Vitamin C in guava can help boost your immunity and protect you from infections and illness. High fibre in guava improves metabolism, helps in digestion, easier bowel movements and weight loss which are important for a diabetic. Guava is also low in glycaemic index (GI). Low GI means guava will not cause sudden or serious spikes in blood sugar levels. Hence guava is one of the best fruits for diabetics. A person who is not diabetic can prevent or delay diabetes by eating guava regularly. Guava is also rich in antioxidants and minerals including manganese.

Is guava high in sugar or calories?

No, guava is not high in calories or sugar. Experts say guava is a negative calorie fruit. It means guava burns more calories than it gives you. For example, 100 gm guava contains about 60 calories and 9 gm sugar. All such sugar is natural sugar and so is not generally harmful for a diabetic. Natural sugar from fruits does not normally cause harmful blood sugar spikes.

Does guava raise blood sugar levels?

Guava has low glycaemic index (GI). Low GI means guava does not lead to high blood sugar levels. If you want to further reduce sugar in guava, you can peel guava before eating. Guava peel is high in sugar. Hence peeling guava before eating can reduce the sugar intake and helps prevent any blood sugar spikes. However, it is not necessary to peel guava always. You can peel only if you want to further reduce the risk of blood sugar spikes.

Does guava help weight loss?

Yes, guava helps in weight loss. Guava is high in fibre and so helps weight loss. Moreover, guava is low in calories and so cannot cause any weight gain. Hence eating guava regularly can help you with weight loss.

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