Can a diabetic eat Pistachios?

Can a diabetic eat Pistachios?

Can a diabetic eat Pistachios?

Yes, a diabetic can eat pistachios in moderation with no fear of diabetes complications. Pistachios are rich in nutrients, dietary fibre, protein, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids etc. While pistachios help regulate blood sugar levels  and protect heart health, they do not cause any blood sugar spikes. As pistachios are high in carbohydrates, a diabetic must keep portion size moderate when eating them. Eating too many pistachios can lead to weight gain and damage cardiovascular health. Pistachios make one of the best snacks for diabetics when eaten in moderation.

Thus, pistachios are one of the best among many other nuts and dry fruits such as almonds, cashew nuts, peanuts, walnuts etc. that a diabetic can eat as a snack or part of a diabetic meal.

Are pistachios high in carbohydrates? Does eating pistachios raise blood sugar levels?

No, pistachios do not raise blood sugar levels. Pistachios are high in carbohydrates. For example, one cup pistachios contain about 33 gm carbohydrates. Though high in carbohydrates, pistachios have low glycaemic index. Low glycaemic index (GI) means pistachios do not cause serious blood sugar spikes. Studies have found that adding pistachios to a carbohydrate rich meal will prevent high blood sugar levels.

What are the benefits of eating pistachios?

Pistachios, scientific name Pistacia vera, are wholesome, nutritious, energy-packed and popular for many health benefits. These green tasty nuts are high in protein, antioxidants, nutrients, fibre, omega-3 fatty acids etc. As diabetic can enjoy great health benefits including regulated blood sugar levels by eating pistachios in moderation. Some of the common benefits of pistachios include the below.

Promote heart health

Due to high levels of antioxidants, good fats and plant sterols, pistachios have been found to significantly promote heart health. Studies proved people eating moderate amounts of pistachios regularly have improved cardiovascular health.

Promote gut health and healthy gut bacteria

Pistachios are high in dietary fibre. Most of such dietary fibre gets slowly digested in your gut by good bacteria. Thus, pistachios can help promote your digestive health due to high levels of dietary fibre. Dietary fibre from pistachios support healthy bacteria in your gut.

Regulate blood sugar

Pistachios provide you high energy and make you feel full for longer. Moreover, being low in GI, pistachios do not cause any blood sugar spikes. As you feel full and energetic after eating pistachios, you do not go after any unhealthful snacks to satisfy food cravings. This will help regulate blood sugar levels.

Regulate cholesterol

Pistachios are known to regulate cholesterol levels. Snacking on a handful of pistachios daily can keep your cholesterol levels good. Having well regulated cholesterol levels is important for a diabetic.

Support weight loss

As pistachios are high in dietary fibre, they help you feel full for longer and thus control your food cravings. As a result, you eat less and eventually lose some weight.

Regulate sleep cycle

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland to regulate the body’s internal biological clock and control daily sleep cycles. Pistachios contain certain compounds that get converted into melatonin. Melatonin plays vital role in controlling daily sleep cycle. Your body naturally produces melatonin by pineal gland. In people that have sleep problems, the extra amount of melatonin from pistachios can help with sleep.  

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