Can a diabetic eat Garden cress

Can a diabetic eat Garden cress?

Can a diabetic eat Garden Cress?

Garden Cress is a winter perennial and belongs to the water cress family. Due to its peppery and tangy flavour and pleasant aroma, garden cress brings great flavour and aroma to any dish.

Yes, a diabetic can eat garden cress. Garden cress is very low in carbohydrates, sugar, calories and fat but high in nutrition. This makes garden cress one of the best greens for diabetics. People often add garden cress to their pasta, sandwiches, salads, smoothies or soups. Generally, the garden cress leaves go well with pasta or sandwiches while the garden cress seeds are good with soups, salads or smoothies.

What are the benefits of garden cress?

Garden cress is known for its flavour and aroma. People often garnish many European dishes with garden cress to make the dishes look better, taste better and smell better. Moreover, eating fresh garden cress can have many health benefits.

If a diabetic can eat garden cress regularly, it can help in improving overall health. Garden cress can help regulate blood sugar levels and blood cholesterol levels.

Diabetics often prefer to eat as many greens as they can due to the benefits that the greens can bring. Water cress is a tasty and flavoursome green any diabetic can add to a diabetic meal.

All parts from garden cress that grow above the ground can be used in medicine manufacture.

Including garden cress in diet can improve your immunity and help with many ailments such as chronic coughs vitamin C deficiency, constipation and fluid retention.

Can a diabetic eat Garden cress seeds?

Yes, a diabetic can eat garden cress seeds on their own or add them to other foods. A popular way to eat garden cress seeds is to dry roast, cool and sprinkle them on salads, soups, sandwiches, chutneys etc. You can store such dry roasted and cooled garden cress seeds in an air-tight jar for few weeks.

Eating garden cress seeds offers few health benefits. For example, arachidic ad linoleic acids present in garden cress seeds help improve memory. Garden cress seeds are a great source of Iron and protein and can increase lean body mass. Soaking garden cress seeds in lime water and then consuming them helps strengthen your hair.

What are the side effects of garden cress?

Diabetics need to exercise caution while on a diet that includes garden cress. Diabetics generally take medication to lower blood sugar levels. When a diabetic eats garden cress in addition to diabetic medicines, blood sugar levels may go too low. Hence, a diabetic must check blood sugar levels using a blood glucose meter to make sure their blood sugar levels do not go dangerously low.

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