Can a diabetic eat Oregano

Can a diabetic eat Oregano?

Can a diabetic eat Oregano?

Yes, a diabetic can eat oregano. Oregano is a herb with small leaves and tough stem. Many studies found that oregano is rich in many healthful compounds that can promote your well-being. To be specific, oregano can help lower blood sugar levels. So, if you are a diabetic, it is a good idea to include oregano in your diet regularly.

However, experts suggest that diabetics should use caution when including oregano in their diet. This is important because oregano to some extent works similar to prescribed diabetic medicines. If a diabetic who is already on prescribed diabetic medicines eats oregano, his blood sugar levels may drop more than expected. So, it may help if you keep an eye on your blood sugar levels using a glucometer like this one.

How do you eat oregano?

People consume oregano in many ways. Some typical recipes with oregano include pizza and pasta sauces, drizzle your salad with olive oil, dress roasted vegetables or potatoes with oregano etc.  

What are the benefits of Oregano?

Consumption of oregano can help regulate blood pressure.

Oregano oil is widely used to treat many skin ailments such as warts, psoriasis, acne, athlete’s foot, dandruff, ringworm, canker sores, rosacea etc.

Using oregano for dental issues such as gum disease or tooth ache is common.

Oregano helps treat muscle pain and varicose veins.

As a natural insect repellent oregano can keep insects away. People also use oregano to treat insect bites or spider bites.

Oregano is rich in many healthful compounds such as vitamin E, vitamin K, Manganese, Iron, Calcium. Dietary fibre is another helpful compound abundant in oregano.

Oregano is a strong antibacterial agent that can help keep infections at bay.

Loaded with helpful antioxidants, oregano can help prevent cell damage and keep harmful diseases at bay.

Oregano oil reduces anxiety, induces a serene sense of calmness in you and can help you fall asleep.

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