Can a diabetic eat Sweet potato?

Can a diabetic eat Sweet potato?

Can a diabetic eat Sweet potato?

A diabetic can safely eat sweet potato daily as part of a balanced diabetic meal. Experts say a diabetic should try to eat food that has higher levels of fibre. Sweet potatoes are high in fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and can improve a diabetic’s well-being when eaten in moderation. Hence, sweet potatoes can safely be included in diabetic diet sheet. Sweet potato has a low glycaemic index (GI) and so will not cause any dangerous spikes in blood sugar levels.

Though there are benefits for a diabetic from eating sweet potato, moderation is key. Based on nutritional composition, experts recommend that a diabetic can eat about half a cup of sweet potato as part of a meal.

Is sweet potato more healthful than potato for a diabetic?

Yes. When it comes to healthful choice, sweet potato is much more healthful than a potato. Sweet potato gives you more fibre than potato. More fibre means better digestion, lower sugar levels and no weight gain. So, to keep blood sugar levels in check, a diabetic can replace potato in a meal with sweet potato. Such practice gives you more fibre and less carbohydrates and sugars. And, when eating sweet potatoes, if you can eat the skin as well, you will get lot more fibre. Sweet potato skin is thin and edible. Sweet potatoes also give you lot of Calcium and vitamin A.  

Is sweet potato high in sugar, carbohydrates or calories?

Sweet potato is not high in sugar, carbohydrates or calories. For example, 100 gm raw sweet potato contains about 6 gm sugar, 27 gm carbohydrates and 114 calories. 100 gm raw sweet potato also contains 2 gm protein but does not contain any fat at all. This data helps in determining how much sweet potato a diabetic can eat.

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