Diabetes Symptoms in Women that can help early Diagnosis

Diabetes symptoms in women are great signs to trigger a diabetes health checkup. When you see any signs of being diabetic, you must see your doctor. But how many of us take diabetes symptoms seriously and try to get tested for diabetes?

Generally men are more likely to see a doctor soon when they suspect they have diabetes.

But most of the times, women ignore diabetes symptoms. When it comes to diabetic symptoms women are generally not as concerned as men.

But it is important that when they see diabetes symptoms women must act. They must seek medical advice and go for diabetes tests.

Diabetes symptoms in women help in preventing organ failures and serious illness down the line. It is possible to prevent serious health complications by seeking diabetic medical advice early.

This article highlights the diabetes symptoms in women and the importance of early diagnosis of diabetes.

Please note that the author is not a doctor or an expert in diabetes symptoms in women.

The information in here is a result of author’s personal research on diabetes in women.

If you need any help with treating diabetes symptoms in women, please contact your doctor. Your doctor can help you with the reasons behind diabetes symptoms in women. Doctor is the right person to advise you how to get tested for diabetes and prescribe medicine for diabetes.

What are the top diabetes symptoms in women?

Diabetes Mellitus, commonly known as Diabetes, comes in few forms in women.

These are Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes and Gestational Diabetes.

One must take diabetes symptoms in women seriously and seek medical advice for diabetes test and diabetes management.

It does not matter whether it is diabetes symptoms in women over 40 or diabetes symptoms in women over 50. One must try to get all diabetes symptoms in women investigated by a doctor.

Top signs of being a diabetic woman?

In any event, what causes diabetes is either non-production of insulin or body being resistant to insulin. Surprisingly, there are many Signs and symptoms of diabetes that you may see early in the diagnosis. When you think am I diabetic, you must look for the main signs of being diabetic.

The top signs of being diabetic woman are.

  • high blood sugar levels
  • excessive thirst
  • passing urine too many times
  • vaginal thrush

Though these are the main Signs of Diabetes, there are some other diabetic signs too. These diabetes symptoms women must be looking for.

Women can use a diabetes symptom checker and question themselves have I got diabetes.

What are the other signs of being diabetic?

Though noticing top diabetic symptoms in women is important, there are many other signs of being diabetic that women must be wary about.

For example, you may notice that simple cuts and wounds take much longer to heal than they normally do. This is a good sign of being diabetic.

Also your skin might get itchy and you may see frequent thrush turning the skin purple and dark especially in the private parts. Some people even see more serious conditions like psoriasis.

You may also be feeling increasingly thirsty most of the time and feel tired with a dry mouth.

You may feel hungry even though you have just eaten a meal etc.

One may be urinating more often than normal. This may sometimes continue into the nights to the extent that your sleep gets interrupted.

You may notice some changes in your vision. You may be unable to see as clearly and the images may appear blurred and unclear. This is of course at a more advanced stage of diabetes. If someone ignores signs of being diabetic, this is what happens.

You may also see sudden weight gain or sudden weight loss that cannot be explained with any other reasons.

All the above signs of being diabetic are useful in diagnosis. If you see any of these, it is sensible to visit your doctor for a medical advice.

Women must take all signs of being diabetic as mentioned above seriously.

Your doctor can examine your signs of being diabetic and help you with diagnosis and diabetes management.

When you see any of the above signs you must question yourself have I got diabetes and see a doctor.

Diabetes Type 1 symptoms in women

Diabetes Type 1 symptoms can develop very quickly, usually in weeks but sometimes within few days too. The common symptoms of Type 1 diabetes in women include:

  • Excessive urination
  • Weight loss for no reason
  • Constant feeling of Fatigue or tiredness
  • Unexplained Nausea, sometimes vomiting
  • Blurred vision
  • Frequent vaginal or urinary or yeast infections
  • Excessive Thirst and Dry mouth
  • Sores or cuts or wounds taking longer to heal
  • Itchy skin, especially in private areas like groin or vaginal area

The above signs of diabetes can be used as a diabetes symptom checker for type 1 diabetes in women.

You must be wary of these early signs of diabetes type 1.

Diabetes 2 Symptoms in women

Diabetes 2 Symptoms are great early warnings of a major long term medical condition. So if one takes diabetes 2 symptoms in women seriously and seeks medical help, it will ensure long term health.

Such attitude makes proper diagnosis possible at early stage.

If one ignores  diabetes 2 symptoms, the condition may get worse and cause damage to vital parts like kidneys, eyes and liver.

If this happens, the condition could be irreversible in some cases and could cause long lasting adverse consequences.

You must report all Diabetes 2 Symptoms to your doctor.

When they see diabetes symptoms women are generally not keen to see a doctor. But it is important that women go to a doctor as soon as they see type 2 diabetes symptoms.

Only a doctor can examine your ‘Diabetes 2 Symptoms’ and diagnose the condition. You can ask the doctor ‘is diabetes curable’.

It is worthwhile to check how do you get type 2 diabetes even before you see any Early signs of Diabetes. This will help you to be ready to respond when you notice diabetes 2 symptoms.

Diabetes Type 2 symptoms in women

Diabetes type 2 symptoms in women generally do not show up prominently in early days of the condition.

As a result, diabetes type 2 generally gets noticed during routine health screening sometime after you get diabetes.

Quite often, people realise they have diabetes type 2 when they go to see a doctor with a problem in vision, an injury that does not heal etc.

The common symptoms of type 2 diabetes include:

  • Excessive thirst and Dry mouth
  • Excessive urination often interrupting sleep
  • Weight loss or weight gain that can not be explained
  • Constant feeling of Fatigue or tiredness
  • Blurred vision
  • Frequent vaginal infections or yeast infections
  • Sores, cuts or wounds that take longer than normal to heal
  • Itchy skin, especially in the private areas like groin or vaginal area

The above points appear on a  diabetes symptom checker for type 2 diabetes in women. You must check if you are showing any of these early signs of diabetes type 2.

What are top Diabetes 2 Symptoms in women?

Though the above are the most obvious Diabetes 2 Symptoms, one must also look out for other signs of being diabetic. Some of these can be Early signs of Diabetes and may appear in initial stages of the condition.

  • You need to be very attentive to notice these.
  • Feeling very tired and weak during the day, including after eating a meal; we also can say signs of fatigue
  • Always feeling hungry, including shortly after eating a meal; this is also known as polyphagia
  • Having the need to urinate more often than normal, sometimes to the extent that even a night’s sleep can be interrupted; also called polyuria
  • A feeling of dry mouth and constant thirst; can be called polydipsia
  • Unable to see as clearly and noticing images are getting more and more blurred
  • Dark patches of skin appearing on the skin and feeling itchy, more often in the private areas of the body
  • Even simple cuts and wounds taking longer than usual to heal
  • Seeing frequent thrush and yeast infections that just do not go away, or even more serious conditions like psoriasis or acanthosis nigricans
  • Some people may also notice unexplained weight loss or weight gain all of a sudden

A woman may see one or more type 2 diabetes symptoms and can use a diabetes symptom checker to confirm.

High blood sugar levels is the most obvious sign to look for.

If they see any diabetes symptoms women must make sure they see a doctor as soon as possible.

They can also ask the doctor ‘how do you get type 2 diabetes’. This may help in preventing or delaying diabetes onset by taking suitable precautions.

Why are Diabetes Symptoms in Women important to note?

‘Diabetes Symptoms in Women’ are typical owing to the very nature of a woman’s body.

Though anyone can show diabetes symptoms irrespective of their age, gender or ethnicity, there are some symptoms that are specific to women.

If you notice these diabetes symptoms in women early and report them to a doctor, you can help make the lives of women with diabetes much better.

It is important that you pay attention to diabetes symptoms in women as soon as they appear. If not, diabetes may get worse and it may damage  health and affect body parts.

Some women ignore diabetes symptoms so long that they lose some eye sight or damage their kidneys and depend on dialysis. If one ignores diabetes symptoms, it may sometimes lead to amputation of limbs.

When women notice diabetic symptoms early and take proper medical advice, they can prevent serious issues like blindness, kidney failure, amputation etc.

If women report diabetes symptoms or signs of being diabetic early to a doctor, it will be easier to manage diabetes in women.

You can change your life style, eating habits, exercise more etc. to control diabetes.

In addition women can take prescribed medication to control blood sugar levels. In general, you will feel a lot better when you manage to keep your blood sugar levels in healthy limits. You will be less likely to suffer from diabetes complications such as heart disease, kidney problems, stroke etc.

So always try to address diabetes symptoms in women in early stages. You must address both diabetes symptoms in women over 50 or diabetes symptoms in women over 40 as early as possible.

High Blood Sugar

If a woman shows high blood sugar levels regularly, it is very likely that she is diabetic.

A woman’s blood sugar levels can be high when her body fails to either produce  insulin or use the insulin to regulate blood sugar levels.

In a non-diabetic person, pancreas produces insulin to regulate blood sugar levels and keep the sugar levels normal. In a diabetic woman, her pancreas may not produce any insulin or her body may not use the insulin to control the blood sugar levels. As a result, a diabetic woman’s blood sugar levels are high.

High blood sugar is one of the top signs of being diabetic. You can check your blood sugar levels with a blood glucose meter.

Diabetes in women is synonymous with high blood sugar in women, whether it is diabetes type 1 or diabetes type 2.

Women can get any type of diabetes.

They may get type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes or gestational diabetes.

If a woman shows diabetic symptoms when she is pregnant, it is likely that she is suffering from gestational diabetes.

The most common symptom in all types of diabetes in women is high blood sugar and it is very easy to check too.

How do diabetes symptoms in women differ from those in men?

Some researches proved that women often do not seek the right levels of support for lifestyle based health issues like diabetes, hypertension and cardio vascular diseases.

One reason for this could be that it is generally more difficult to diagnose issues like diabetes in women than in men.

The cardio vascular diseases in women are often different than those in men and so are the underlying symptoms of diabetes and hypertension. One reason for this could be that hormones and inflammation are different in men and women.

Diabetes symptoms in women include most of the diabetes symptoms that men show.

However, some diabetes symptoms in women are unique to women with diabetes. So, it is very helpful to understand the overall symptoms of diabetes so that an early diagnosis is easy and right diabetes management possible.

The common signs of diabetes in women

Generally speaking, pre diabetic symptoms are very helpful in identifying the condition and helping the person.

Obviously, doctors take all pre diabetic symptoms in women seriously and guide the patients to prevent diabetes getting worse.

The common signs of diabetes in women are:

  1. Yeast infections in vagina or mouth
  2. Vaginal thrush
  3. Infections in the urinary tract.
  4. Female sexual dysfunction 
  5. Polycystic ovary syndrome 
  6. Unexplained weight loss or weight gain
  7. Blurred vision
  8. Itchy skin
  9. You may notice that common wounds take more time to heal
  10. You may be feeling very tired for no reason or feeling hungry right after a meal.

The Risk Factors of diabetes in women

Generally women with the below connections are at higher risk of diabetes:

  1. Age more than 45 years, obese for some time
  2. Has a close relative with diabetes
  3. Belongs to ethnic groups such as African-American or Native American or native Alaskan or Asian-American
  4. Gave birth to a baby that weighed more than 9 pounds at birth
  5. Has been diagnosed with gestational diabetes
  6. Has high blood pressure or high cholesterol or both
  7. Does not exercise often
  8. Has a history of heart disease, ever had a stroke

So, if you think you fall into any of these criteria, you may want to watch for any symptoms of diabetes in a woman.

When you find you have any diabetes symptoms in women,  you must see your doctor and request for a full diabetic examination.

In essence, diabetes test for women may include a urine test and a blood test as a minimum.

Based on the results of your tests your doctor can consequently confirm if you are diabetic or not and provide you proper medical advice.

Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes is one of the types of Diabetes in women. A woman may get gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

Women who have gestational diabetes are normally not diabetic before pregnancy.

They generally do not show any diabetes symptoms in women before pregnancy. Moreover, such women are very likely to be non-diabetic after pregnancy as well and may not show diabetes symptoms after pregnancy ends.

If you are pregnant and you think you might have gestational diabetes, it is important that you discuss the same with your doctor or midwife so that you can get the necessary help.

In general, Gestational diabetes symptoms in women include:

  • increased need to urinate,
  • excessive thirst,
  • feeling tired most of the time for no reason,
  • recurrent thrush or other infections,
  • blurred vision

Also, if you are a diabetic and get pregnant, it is important that you let your doctor or midwife know about your diabetes history. This will make sure you get the right help in managing your diabetes well during your pregnancy.

This is true whether you have diabetes type 2 or diabetes type 1. It is important that you maintain your blood sugar levels in normal range during your pregnancy.

This is essential for your own health and also the safety of the baby. Just as you do, baby also needs sugar along with other nutrients.

If your blood sugar levels are not well regulated, you and the baby may face health complications. Baby can also be at risk of birth defects.

Is Diabetes in women curable?

When we see diabetes symptoms in women, the next thing we ask ‘Is Diabetes curable?’.

Diabetes symptoms in women and the cure! Of course, this is a very controversial topic.

Moreover, medical professionals do not openly agree that diabetes is curable.

When a woman goes to doctors with diabetes symptoms, they only say diabetes is a easily manageable condition. They also assure you that when you manage diabetes well, diabetes symptoms in women will come down too.

How can Diabetes 2 Symptoms help in early diagnosis of diabetes in women?

In general, Diabetes 2 Symptoms are of great help in making an early diagnosis of diabetes in women.

Hence, if you consult a doctor early, the doctor usually gets ample opportunity to limit the damage diabetes 2 can do to your body.

In reality though it is very difficult to notice diabetes 2 Symptoms in women at early stage.

By and large, Diabetes 2 symptoms develop gradually and take time to show up strong.

This in some cases leads to some damage to vital body parts before diagnosis.

So you must look for early diabetes symptoms and consult a doctor as soon as you suspect you have diabetes.

In general, the most common Diabetes 2 Symptoms in women that can help in early diagnosis are as below.

  • having high blood sugar
  • feeling tired always
  • frequent urination
  • feeling very thirsty often
  • vaginal thrush

You can by and large check all these using a diabetes symptom checker.

Surprisingly, there can be many more symptoms that may help to detect diabetes at early stage. However, doctors can help you with this.

How do I respond to Diabetes 2 Symptoms?

When you have any diabetes 2 symptoms like high blood sugar etc. the first thing you must do is seek a medical appointment with a doctor. Definitely, the doctors can examine the signs of being diabetic straightaway and the case in more detail.

Doctors may probably request for some further medical tests based on diabetes 2 symptoms.

The medical tests following Diabetes 2 Symptoms can be blood tests and urine tests. Of course, doctor would normally discuss with you if diabetes curable in your case.

Summary | Diabetes Symptoms in Women

With this in mind, when women see signs of being diabetic, they must contact a doctor immediately.

Obviously, this can help the doctor to investigate the diabetes symptoms in women and help the woman in managing the diabetes.

If you do not see a doctor, diabetes symptoms in women could get worse and cause further damage to your health.

So the thing is you cannot ignore diabetes symptoms in women!

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