How do You get Diabetes? What causes Diabetes type 2? Are you at risk?

How do You get Diabetes is something I always wanted to know. I learned from my grandparents that diabetes cannot be cured. They were type 2 diabetic.

They used to tell me that once you get diabetes, you have to be on a strict diet and medication for the rest of your life. If you are a diabetic or at risk of being a diabetic, you may need to monitor your blood sugar levels regularly with a diabetes testing kit.

Then the question sprung in my head ‘ What if I prevent diabetes?’. To know how to keep myself safe from ever being a diabetic, first I had to know How do you get diabetes. So I did some research on this subject ‘How do get Diabetes?’.

I am trying to publish all my findings here. Please note that I am not a doctor or a medical professional. All data I publish on this website is just for information. You are responsible to contact your doctor for any of your health issues.

So, how do you get diabetes?

One may get diabetes due to one or more of a variety of reasons.

Most people get diabetes type 2 over 40 years of age. So if you are over 40, you may be more susceptible to get diabetes type 2.

It may also depend on your ethnicity. For example, for south Asian people, the risk of diabetes starts as early as 25 years of age. Different ethnic groups have different risk age for diabetes type2.

In general, the risk of diabetes type 2 increases with age. So the older you are the more risk you are at in getting diabetes type 2.

A reason for this may be that people gain weight as they age. Either way in some cases age is what causes diabetes type 2.

This gives us the thought that we must try our best to keep our weight in control as we age. This helps us in not getting diabetes. You need to keep your body weight in control even if you do not show signs of being diabetic.

Better be safe than sorry as you now know how do you get type 2 diabetes.

Another reason why people are more susceptible to diabetes type 2 as they grow older is that people generally tend to exercise less.

So How is Diabetes caused? Exactly for these poor life style reasons and some hereditary factors.

Experts say eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly and maintaining healthy body weight are the best precautions to prevent diabetes.

However now a days, very young people are seen getting diabetes type 2.

Do you have a  child? Do children get Diabetes? In some cases, diabetes type 2 has been noticed even in children under 10 years of age. It is very complicated how is diabetes caused.

How do You get Type 2 Diabetes?

How do You get Type 2 Diabetes? Well there could be many ways you can get type 2 diabetes.

Many people believe diabetes is in genes. This means if your family members have a history of diabetes, then it is highly likely that you will also get diabetes.

That is just one way you may get type 2 diabetes.

You may get diabetes even if none of your parents or grandparents or close relatives had diabetes.

So if there is someone in your close family with diabetes, then you are at a high risk of getting diabetes. But, you may get diabetes even when none of your close relatives are diabetic.

This works the other way too. You may not get diabetes even when some of your close relatives have had diabetes.

These research findings only work as a guide and not as a rule.

Overall ‘how do you get type 2 diabetes’ is a very complicated subject.

Knowing What is Diabetes and how do you get type 2 diabetes is very important to lead a healthy life.

How do People get Diabetes?

How do People get Diabetes is a question that has puzzled experts for a long time. There have been many research programs carried out across the world over time to find out How do People get Diabetes.

These researches have found that there are more than few reasons How People get Diabetes.

The reasons range from poor life style, genetic reasons, obesity to reasons beyond our control.

One thing that all these researches on ‘how do people get diabetes’ establish is that by having a healthy life style i.e. eating healthy food in reasonable quantities and exercising regularly people can protect themselves from diabetes complications.

Understanding How is Diabetes caused? helps one to prevent any diabetes complications.


But How do People get Diabetes and what happens inside the body due to diabetes.

Pancreas produces insulin. Insulin is responsible to maintain normal blood sugar levels in the body.

It does this job by regulating the amount of blood sugar in the body. This goes well as long as everything is normal.

But when pancreas cannot produce insulin or the body cannot use the insulin that pancreas has produced, you get diabetes.

When one of these things happens, your body fails to regulate blood sugar levels and this leads to diabetes. So the most common sign of diabetes is high blood sugar levels.

Life Style

How is Diabetes caused? What causes Diabetes? And why pancreas cannot produce insulin or why the body cannot use insulin.

These are the points that you need to look into How do People get Diabetes and What causes Diabetes.

The reasons could be one or many. Popular belief is that genetic reasons or poor life style choices lead to diabetes.

Genetic means if anyone in your close family has been a diabetic, then there is a high risk that you can be diabetic too.

Poor life style choices include obesity and life without much exercise.

Understanding What is Diabetes and how do people get diabetes is very important to keep yourself safe from diabetes and diabetes complications.

When you know What is Diabetes, it helps you to compare your symptoms and check if that could be diabetes.

Knowing how do people get diabetes helps you to keep yourself safe from diabetes and diabetes complications.

Life Style

Another reason for getting diabetes may be life style. Life style means the way you lead your life including how much physical work you do and what and how much you eat.

So, How is Diabetes caused? People who lead less active lives are at higher risk of diabetes. Life style is a major factor among What causes Diabetes.

Also those who over eat would gain weight and can be possibly be more liable to get diabetes.

Diet & Exercise

How is Diabetes caused? Lack of exercise and over-eating.

So to avoid the risk of getting diabetes type 2, you must lead a physically active life style.

You must get regular and rigorous exercise as per doctor’s advice.

You must also be watchful of what you eat and how much.

It is better to avoid foods high in fat, salt, sugar etc.

You must understand in detail What is Diabetes and must also watch the portion sizes of what you eat too.

How do you get type 2 diabetes is a vey important thing to know as it helps to protect yourself from diabetes complications.


Doctors say that diabetes type 2 is linked by genes.

This means if you have a close relative who has diabetes type 2, you too are likely to get diabetes type 2. And the closer the relative to you, the higher will be your risk of getting diabetes type 2.

This also means that a child whose parent has diabetes type2 is also at higher risk of getting diabetes type 2. So, how do people get diabetes? Genetic it is.

Body Weight

How do You get Diabetes? You may get diabetes type 2 when you have excess body weight.

Generally people with excess body weight get diabetes type2 easily than others. A BMI ( Body Mass Index ) of 30 or more puts one at higher risk of getting diabetes type 2.

Thus you are at higher risk of getting diabetes if you have a high BMI.

Belly fat

How do You get Diabetes with belly fat?

If you have excess body weight around your belly, you are more likely to get diabetes type 2.

Why? Belly fat disturbs cardiovascular and metabolic functions. This puts you at higher risk of diabetes type 2 and more serious conditions such as heart disease, stroke and cancer.

One of the ways to determine diabetes risk is to measure waist and find out abdominal obesity. The more the belly measures, more is the type 2 diabetes risk. So if you have a big belly, you are at higher risk of getting diabetes type 2.

So next time you think how do people get diabetes, think of body weight and obesity.

People who do not exercise well are also at higher risk of diabetes. People who do regular exercise can reduce body weight and also cut down the risk of diabetes type 2.


Is ethnicity an answer to How do You get Diabetes?

If you are one of the ethnic groups that belong to high risk groups for diabetes type2, you are more likely to get diabetes type2.

These ethnic groups are south Asian, Chinese, African-Caribbean or  African origin. People from these ethnic backgrounds are more likely to get diabetes type 2 at a younger age than others.

So how do you get diabetes? May be from your ethnicity.

Other risk factors

How do You get Diabetes if you do not fall into the above risk factors?

Pre-diabetes and gestational diabetes are other risk factors for diabetes type 2.

To be precise, pre-diabetes is the condition when your blood sugar levels are higher than normal but not so high to diagnose as a diabetic. Pre-diabetes can lead to diabetes if you do not take preventive steps.

The steps like changes in life style, eating balanced diet, exercising and losing weight help prevent diabetes.

Also, women who get diabetes during pregnancy are at a higher risk of developing diabetes type 2 if not careful.

This means if you ask How do You get Diabetes? it could be with pregnancy too! Diabetes in a woman when pregnant is called gestational diabetes.

Is diabetes curable?

If you ask doctors or pharmacists How do You get Diabetes? they say what causes diabetes is obesity, life style and genetic reasons etc.

If you ask them Is diabetes curable? Normally. they say no but you can easily manage it. However, there are some arguments that diabetes is curable though doctors have not established it.

If you wonder what causes diabetes or  have i got diabetes, you must see a doctor to get checked and learn more on How do you get diabetes?

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