Can a diabetic eat Momos

Can a diabetic eat Momos?

Can a diabetic eat Momos?

Momos are a type of Dim Sum and generally made with plain refined flour. The filling inside a Momo is generally some vegetables including cabbage, carrot, pepper etc. Variations of Momos have other fillings that are meat based. So, as far as the question whether a diabetic can eat Momos, the answer is mixed. The plain refined flour is not so good for a diabetic. However, the vegetables used in the filling can be nutritious. Moreover, Momos are generally steamed which means less fat. So, I suppose a diabetic can eat Momos in small quantities.

Do Momos raise blood sugar levels?

Momos made with plain refined flour dough can raise blood sugar levels quickly. So, to prevent raise in blood sugar levels, you may want to use whole wheat flour to make your dough for Momos. Also, steamed Momos are generally safer than fried Momos. Fried Momos tend to raise blood sugar levels quickly.

What are the benefits of eating Momos?

Momos have some benefits and can be good for you if you follow certain rules.

Steamed Momos contain very small amount of fat which is mostly in the stuffing. Less fat means, they are less harmful for your health.

As you have a wide range of fillings or stuffing to choose from, you can choose healthful vegetables and protein sources. Choosing nutritious vegetables to stuff your Momos can offer you great benefits.

What are the side effects of eating Momos?

Momos made from refined plain flour with higher amounts fat and salt can be bad for your cardiac health.

Too many calories in Momos means they can cause weight gain if you eat in large quantity.

Eating Momos with sauces that are high in fat, slat and sugar can have multiple adverse effects on health.

Fried Momos can cause more serious damage to your health than steamed ones.  

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