Diabetes early symptoms you need to watch out for and change your diet

Diabetes early Symptoms are very helpful to diagnose diabetes early. Generally, you can deal with diabetes better if you pay attention to diabetes early Symptoms. So, You should always check your blood sugar levels at home if you think you are showing any diabetes early symptoms. You may need a diabetes testing kit like this one to check your blood sugar levels. Asking yourself ‘Have I got diabetes?’ is important to protect your health and well being.

However, when you see any signs of being diabetic, the best thing to do is to see a doctor and ask ‘Have I got diabetes?’. If you are curious about how to get tested for diabetes, your doctor can definitely help you.

If your doctor tests you for diabetes and diagnoses you as diabetic, sometimes you may need medicines for diabetes. Doctors may advise you to change your diet or lifestyle.  Your doctor or nutritionist can you help to understand what diet for diabetic patient is made up of.

Diabetes early Symptoms

If you understand early signs of diabetes you will find it easier to deal with diabetes complications and better protect yourself. It is important that you discuss your concerns with your doctor as soon as you see Diabetes early Symptoms.

When you notice any diabetes early symptom, you may wonder how to get tested for diabetes. Your doctor can examine your case by studying your life style. He may also perform some blood tests or urine tests on you. Based on your family history, life style and results of blood tests and urine tests the doctors can decide if you are diabetic.

All this is possible only if you mention your ‘Diabetes early Symptoms’ to your doctor. Ignoring diabetes early symptoms and not doing anything about it can be dangerous. Some people leave it unattended and find themselves with serious health complications down the line. Diabetes complications can include blindness, organ failure, heart attack, stroke,

Some common diabetes early symptoms, you need to watch out for include:

Excessive Thirst

You may feel excessively thirsty and a dry mouth for no reason if you are diabetic. Polydipsia is another name for excessive thirst. Polydipsia or excessive thirst is one of the diabetes early symptoms.

You do not need to worry about diabetes every time you feel thirsty. Thirst is common. We may feel thirsty when we forget to drink plenty of water or sweat a lot etc. These are normal. But when you feel persistently and excessively thirsty despite drinking good amounts of water or fluids, you need to pay attention and investigate. If necessary, you need check if you have diabetes.

Excess sugar builds up in your blood if you are diabetic. You can check your blood sugar levels using a glucometer like this. If the amount of sugar in your blood becomes too much for your kidneys, then your body tries to flush out the excess sugar. This process expels body water along with the sugar leaving you with thirst, dry mouth or dehydration.

Excessive Urination

Excessive urination is also one of the symptoms of diabetes. Polyuria is another name for excessive urination. if you are a diabetic, blood sugar levels rise when you eat excess sugar. As your body finds it difficult to handle too much sugar in your blood it tries to excrete the sugar. The way body excretes excess sugar is with urine. So diabetics experience excess urination some times.

Urinary infections and poor bladder control are also some diabetic symptoms. But these may not be diabetes early symptoms. Some experts say these symptoms could be the result of some extent of nerve damage due to diabetes.

Excessive urination may also indicate another condition, diabetes insipidus. Diabetes insipidus is a completely different condition from diabetes mellitus. Excessive urination in diabetes insipidus happens as kidneys cannot accurately judge how much water to retain in the body and how much to excrete as urine. Your doctor can investigate your symptoms in greater detail and see whether you have diabetes mellitus or diabetes insipidus. Please click here to read our article to understand how to define diabetes insipidus.


If you have diabetes, you may feel very weak, tired and dis-interested all the time. You may find it difficult to understand why you feel so. Weakness that cannot be explained is one of the common Diabetes Symptoms.

Diabetes causes high blood sugar levels either due to lack of insulin or due to insulin resistance. Your body finds it difficult to get glucose from blood into body cells. As glucose is important for energy, lack of enough glucose in body cells makes you feel weak. This is how diabetes causes weakness.

Injuries that do not heal

In case you have small injury and bleed, you may find it takes longer than usual to heal the injury.

Sores that do not heal easily or injuries that bleed longer are common diabetes symptoms. These cannot be ignored.

Unexplained Headache

If you have diabetes, you may sometimes feel unexplained headaches. Most of the times, this may impact your routine activities. Moreover, you may feel tired, painful and cannot focus.

If you can ask your doctor How diabetes is caused and take some precautions it helps you prevent any serious damage to your body.

Urinary Infections

You may notice frequent urinary tract infections or yeast infections. These may be quite confusing.

Unless you think of diabetes, you may find it hard to understand why you are having these infections. They do not heal so easily.

You may ask your doctor What causes Diabetes and take proper care to stay clear of such causes.


You may have a thrush or itching in the genital area. This may be very embarrassing as you may feel itchy while you are in public places too.

Understanding How is Diabetes caused is the first step in preventing further damages due to diabetes.

Poor Vision

You may start to notice changes in your vision.

Sometimes You may notice that items in front of you begin to appear blurry. You may not be able to see things clearly.

This may be very uncomfortable for you as you suddenly feel much difficult to lead a smooth routine life.

Unexplained Weight changes

If you have diabetes, it is likely that you will generally notice a sudden loss of weight or sudden weight gain.

Just in case, you are unable to see any reason why you are losing or gaining weight, think of diabetes. Then, You may ask your doctor to give you a diabetes test. Understanding What causes Diabetes is a good place to start in diabetes care.

When you see any of the above diabetes early symptoms, it is important that you take them seriously and see a good doctor to discuss the same.

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