Have I got diabetes? What are diabetes symptoms?

Have I got diabetes? Is that the question that bothers you? Well you are very clever to ask yourself if you have are diabetic.

Many people do not realise they have got diabetes until their diabetes has seriously impacted their vital parts. If you know how diabetes is caused, you can save yourself from failure of vital organs.

Have I got Diabetes?

It is a good thing that you ask yourself have I got diabetes so you can get yourself tested for diabetes and have peace of mind. For most people who wonder ‘have I got diabetes’, diabetes tests start with checking blood sugar levels. You may find diabetes test strips, lancets etc. useful to test your blood sugar levels at home.

The best person that can clarify if you got diabetes is your doctor. Doctors listen to all your symptoms and concerns, they then do some tests on you and decide whether you are a diabetic or not. For this to happen, you must see a doctor as soon as you notice any diabetic symptoms.

However before you see a doctor and ask have I got diabetes, you can check if you have a signs of being diabetic using a diabetes symptom checker.

Signs of being Diabetic

Common signs of being diabetic are having High Blood Sugar, excessive thirst and passing urine too often.

One of the most common signs of being diabetic is that you may be feeling weak and tired all the time. Some people experience blurred vision and headaches. Some see unexplained changes in body weight. You may gain weight or lose weight for no reason.

It is very wise to question yourself if you are diabetic, when you see any signs of being diabetic in you.

Some of these signs may be due to totally different reasons than being a diabetic but it is always good to get yourself checked.

Diagnosis of Diabetes

When you see doctors for diabetes consultation and ask have I got diabetes, they would normally check if you have High Blood Sugar and any other diabetic symptoms.

Then they may check your family history and assess your risk of being a diabetic.

If your parents or siblings are diabetic then it is likely that you get diabetes too. You may find this blood glucose meter very handy to track your blood sugar levels. In some cases even if your other close relatives are diabetic, you may get it too.

This however does not mean it is contagious. Researches suggest being diabetic is hereditary and is in the genes.

Once the doctor understands your history they may ask you to take some urine tests and blood tests to determine if you are diabetic.

From your signs of being diabetic and your tests, a doctor can diagnose and tell you if you are a diabetic. 

When you see any signs of being diabetic, you must ask yourself a question – am I a diabetic? Asking yourself the question ‘am I a diabetic?’ is the first step in protecting yourself from diabetic complications. You can then check your symptoms and see a doctor for a diagnosis.

What do I do if I am diabetic?

In case your doctor confirms you are a diabetic, you need to start diabetic life style straight away. Diabetic life style management involves regular exercise and eating diabetic diet.

Diabetes is a progressive disease but as long as you maintain your blood sugar levels good you can protect yourself. If you are at risk of being diabetic, you need to see your doctors regularly so that they monitor your overall health closely. You may need to change your lifestyle eating habits to control blood sugar levels. Your doctor may also prescribe you medicines for long term.

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