Signs you have Diabetes

Signs you have Diabetes are very important to note and act upon. They help you to get checked by a doctor.  If your diabetic risk factors are high, you may get diabetes.

Do you have diabetes?

When you see any signs you have diabetes, the first thing you must do is check your blood sugar levels. You need to contact your doctor. Your doctor can do some tests on you and decide whether you are diabetic.

If the doctor confirms you have diabetes, you may need to start medication and eat diabetic diet.

If you ignore signs you have diabetes, you may be risking your overall health.

Some people ignore signs of being diabetic and do nothing about them. They realise they have diabetes only after diabetes damages some vital parts. This happens when people pay no attention to diabetic symptoms.

If you take action early when you see ‘signs you have diabetes’, you will save yourself lot of trouble.

You must ask yourself have I got diabetes,  and get treatment for diabetes.

When they see diabetes symptoms women are  generally more reluctant than men to go for a checkup.

You may also want to find out how do people get diabetes.

How is Diabetes caused? is another subject you may want to understand.

Signs you have Diabetes

Signs of diabetes include

  • having High Blood Sugar
  • feeling thirsty excessively
  • passing too much urine
  • losing weight or gaining weight for no apparent reason
  • You may also feel hungry right after finishing your meal
  • You may also feel very tired, weak etc.
  • Body fatigue is a common sign of diabetes
  • Some people have blurred vision and headache for no reason
  • If you are having a dry mouth for no reason, that’s another sign of diabetes

Other signs you have diabetes include feeling shaky, moody or grumpy.

Another typical sign of diabetes is that your simple cuts and bruises do not heal as quickly.

You may feel tingling and prick in your fingers or toes.

Some people get frequent urinary tract infections or yeast infections.

With diabetes symptoms women show some symptoms that are specific to their gender.

You may use a diabetes symptom checker to check for all diabetic symptoms. Comparing any signs you have diabetes with common diabetes symptoms is a good way to start the diagnosis of diabetes.

How to get tested for Diabetes?

When you see any of such symptoms in you and start wondering have I got diabetes, you may want to take some diabetes tests to know if you are diabetic.

So, how to get tested for diabetes? A formal diabetes test is the best way to determine if you are a diabetic. So you need to go for a diabetes test with your doctor. This involves some study of your life style, your family history, blood tests and urine tests.

A blood test gives an indication of blood sugar level in your blood. If you have High Blood Sugar, you may be diabetic.

Your family history also plays an important role. If you have a close relative who is a diabetic, your risk of being diabetic is high.

You may also use a diabetes symptom checker and discuss how do people get diabetes with your doctor. A doctor can explain How is Diabetes caused? along with signs you have diabetes.

All signs you have diabetes are a good way that you get an opportunity to protect your health.

Instead of being in denial, you must pay attention to any signs you have diabetes.

You must compare all signs you have with diabetes symptom checker. This will help you understand your health better.

If signs you have diabetes are true, you would need help from a doctor. s

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