Can a diabetic eat honey?

As a diabetic, you may looking for ways to avoid sugar in your diet. You would be eager to substitute sugar with anything more healthier. Honey is a popular substitute for sugar in many recipes. But the question is can a diabetic eat honey without adversely impacting blood sugar levels? Let’s see how honey compares with sugar as a substitute.

Can a diabetic eat honey?

If you ask ‘can a diabetic eat honey?’, the straight answer is yes, a diabetic can eat honey. But as with any other sweet food, a diabetic needs to wary of the amount of honey to eat. In summary, experts say people with diaetes may eat honey but in small quantities only. You can expect to see blood sugar levels rise when you eat honey but eating just a small quantity of honey may not be so dangerous.

Is honey a healthier substitute for sugar in diabetic diet?

Diabetic diet recipes generally avoid sugar altogether. Even if there is sugar in some diabetic recipes, its very small quantity. But what if you want to use honey instead of sugar in your diet? Is honey a good substitute for sugar? Some say yes honey is always better than sugar. The reason is honey works as a home remedy for few conditions like sore throat etc. Honey and lemon with warm water boosts immunity if you drink it first thing in the morning.

Does honey raise blood sugar levels?

Most diabetics try to avoid sugar as they do not want higher blood sugar levels. Honey also leads to higher blood sugar levels as honey is rich in sugars and carbs. One advantage with honey is that honey tastes sweeter than sugar. So you may need smaller quantity of honey than sugar in your recipe. But honey has more carbs and calories than sugar which you need to watch for.

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