Can a diabetic eat banana?

Banana is such a popular fruit and many people take it for granted that they can eat one when they wish. But what if you are a diabetic? If you are a diabetic, you want to make sure you keep your blood sugar levels in normal range as much as you can. Banana is high in sugar and carbs, both of which can raise your blood sugar levels instantly. So obviously you will be curious to think ‘Can a Diabetic eat Banana?’.

Can a diabetic eat banana?

As most diabetic diet sheets list banana as a healthy fruit for diabetics, it is clear that a diabetic can indeed eat banana. However, a diabetic needs to watch the portion size and few other aspects like how ripe the banana is. A diabetic can indeed eat a banana as long as the portion is small and the banana itself is not too ripe.

How bananas affect diabetes and blood sugar levels?!

Many experts recommend a balanced diet for diabetics. Balanced diet includes fresh fruit from many other types of food. Banana being a nutritious fruit gives you useful minerals, vitamins and fibre. At the same time, bananas are high in carbs and sugar.

As bananas are high in carbs and sugar, your blood sugar levels can shoot up when eat banana. High blood sugar levels in turn make your diabetes worse and diabetes complications more serious.

What are the tips for a diabetic to eat banana?

To minimise the adverse effect of bananas a diabetic can only eat a small portion of banana. A diabetic should also avoid eating very ripe bananas. Ripe bananas can cause more damage to a diabetic’s health than not so ripe bananas . This is because riper bananas are much higher in carbs and sugar than not so ripe bananas.

Why should a diabetic prefer to eat not so ripe bananas?

Greener bananas that are not very ripe, contain less sugar or carbs. The type of starch present greener is called resistant starch. Resistant starch takes more time for digestion. More time for digestion means blood sugar levels will rise at a lower rate. This explains why a diabetic needs to eat greener bananas that are not very ripe.

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