Diabetes Symptoms in Women over 50 | Signs of being diabetic

Diabetes Symptoms in Women over 50 are very helpful in  early diabetes diagnosis. Early diagnosis of diabetes can prevent diabetes complications and damage to vital organs. A lot more good to diabetic women over 50 is possible with the help of  early signs of being diabetic.

What are Diabetes Symptoms in Women over 50?

Diabetes symptoms in women over 50 include

  • excessive thirst
  • passing urine too often
  • vaginal thrush
  • yeast infections in vagina or mouth
  • urinary infections
  • female sexual dysfunction
  • polycystic ovary syndrome
  • sudden loss or gain of body weight
  • feeling tired and weak always etc.

These are the diabetes symptoms women must look out for when they are over 40 or over 50.

Diabetes symptoms in women over 50 if taken seriously can help prevent further damage to health.

‘Diabetes symptoms in women over 50’ as well as pre diabetic symptoms are very helpful in diagnosis of diabetes. Early signs of diabetes are so valuable that you cannot afford to ignore these warning signs.

All diabetes symptoms, diabetes 2 symptoms as well as diabetes type 1 symptoms are serious. Upon noticing any diabetes symptoms in women over 50, one must encourage to ask ‘Am I diabetic?’ or ‘Is diabetes curable?’.

But women over 50 rarely do that questioning. They do not normally check what causes diabetes. Due to this attitude, they are always at risk of more serious diabetes complications that can be prevented by taking diabetes symptoms seriously.

You can use a diabetes symptom checker to understand early signs of diabetes. Using a diabetes testing kit at home to check for high blood sugar levels is a good start to deal with diabetes.

What causes Diabetes in Women over 50?

A woman’s body undergoes significant metabolic changes throughout life time. These changes have more impact on health as the age increases.

Diabetes is a life style and metabolic disease. Unhealthy life style and metabolic changes in a woman’s body cause diabetes symptoms in women over 50.

Sometimes doctors call them pre-diabetic symptoms.

A diabetic patient’s body shows high blood sugar as it cannot process insulin or cannot produce insulin.

Diabetes can appear in people of any age, sex or ethnic origin.

Eating too much and not doing as much exercise is the most obvious cause of diabetes. When you know you are at risk of diabetes, it may help to understand what a diabetic can eat.

Though it can happen to both men and women, there are some interesting observations with diabetes symptoms in women.

You must always discuss the causes of signs of diabetes in women over 40 and diabetes Symptoms in Women over 50 with a doctor.

Doctors can find it easy to help you if you report early signs of Diabetes in women over 50.

Do women over 50 pay attention to Diabetes Symptoms?

Women over 50 often ignore signs of being diabetic and are less aggressive in seeking treatment for diabetes. Women over 50 have similar attitude towards hypertension or any other cardio vascular diseases.

For some unknown reason, women do not respond to any symptoms of life style diseases as men do.

Women over 50 should actually be taking both diabetes type 1 symptoms and diabetes 2 symptoms seriously. When women over 50 notice any diabetes symptoms, they must ask themselves  ‘am I diabetic’ and ‘Is diabetes curable?’.

Unfortunately they ignore diabetes symptoms. Women must take all diabetic symptoms seriously irrespective of their age whether they are over 40, over 50 or much younger.

Other life style diseases like hypertension, high cholesterol also deserve urgent action whether they show symptoms in men or women.

Are Diabetes Symptoms in Women over 50 different to those in men?

Diabetic complications are different in women compared to those in men. This may be due to hormones and the way their bodies are built etc.

Even the kind of heart diseases in women are different compared to men.

Inflammations are also different in women compared to men.

Some Diabetes symptoms too are different in women and men.

Both women and men can use a diabetes symptom checker to gain understanding of diabetes.

There are some diabetic symptoms that women experience in a unique way than men. These are in addition to the diabetic symptoms seen in men.

If you are a woman and you see any of these symptoms of diabetes, you must see a doctor for diabetes tests and diagnosis. A doctor can also help you understand with what causes diabetes.

Women can benefit a lot by discussing their diabetic symptoms with a doctor.

Do any diabetes symptoms in women over 50 appear in men too?

The above diabetes symptoms in women over 50 are specific to women.

There are other symptoms that are common to both men and women and seen equally prominently in both men and women.

  • The diabetes symptoms in women over 50 common also in men include:
  • increased thirst and hunger
  • frequent urination
  • weight loss or gain that has no obvious cause
  • fatigue
  • blurred vision
  • wounds that heal slowly
  • nausea
  • skin infections
  • patches of darker skin in areas of the body that have creases
  • irritability
  • breath that has a sweet, fruity, or acetone odour
  • reduced feeling in your hands or feet

Along with diabetes symptoms in women over 50, You must take diabetes early symptoms seriously and look into what caused diabetes in your case.

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